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Floating-point rules

Direct3D supports several floating-point representations. All floating-point computations operate under a defined subset of the IEEE 754 32-bit single precision floating-point rules.

Data type conversion

The following sections describe how Direct3D handles conversions between data types.

Rasterization rules

Rasterization rules define how vector data is mapped into raster data. The raster data is snapped to integer locations that are then culled and clipped (to draw the minimum number of pixels), and per-pixel attributes are interpolated (from per-vertex attributes) before being passed to a pixel shader.

Texture block compression

Block Compression (BC) support for textures has been extended in Direct3D 11 to include the BC6H and BC7 algorithms. BC6H supports high-dynamic range color source data, and BC7 provides better-than-average quality compression with less artifacts for standard RGB source data.


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