App screenshots, images, and trailers

Well-designed images are one of the main ways for you to represent your app to potential customers in the Store.

You can provide screenshots, logos, and other art assets (such as trailers and promotional images to include in your app's Store listing. Some of these are required, and some are optional (although some of the optional images are important to include for the best Store display).

During the app submission process, you provide these art assets in the Store listings step. Note that the images which are used in the Store, and the way that they appear, may vary depending on the customer's operating system and other factors.

The Store may also use your app's tile and other images that you include in your app's package. Run the Windows App Certification Kit to determine if you're missing any required images before you submit your app. For guidance and recommendations about these images, see Tile and icon assets.


Screenshots are images of your app that are displayed to your customers in your app's Store listing.

You have the option to provide screenshots for the different device families that your app supports so that the appropriate screenshots will appear when a customer views your app's Store listing on that type of device.

Only one screenshot (for any device family) is required for your submission, though you can provide several; up to 9 desktop screenshots and up to 8 screenshots for the other device families. We suggest providing at least four screenshots for each device family that your app supports so that people can see how the app will look on their device type. (Do not include screenshots for device families that your app does not support.)


Microsoft Visual Studio provides a tool to help you capture screenshots.

Each screenshot must be a .png file in either landscape or portrait orientation, and the file size can't be larger than 50 MB.

The size requirements vary depending on the device family:

  • Desktop: 1366 x 768 pixels or larger. Supports 4K images (3840 x 2160).
  • Mobile: Images must be one of the following: 1080 x 1920, 1920 x 1080, 768 x 1280, 1280 x 768, 720 x 1280, 1280 x 720, 800 x 480, or 480 x 800 pixels.
  • Xbox: 3480 x 2160 pixels or smaller. Supports 4K images (3840 x 2160).
  • Holographic: 1268 x 720 pixels or larger. Supports 4K images (3840 x 2160).

For the best display, keep the following guidelines in mind when creating your screenshots:

  • Keep critical visuals and text in the top 3/4 of the image. Text overlays may appear on the bottom 1/4.
  • Don’t add additional logos, icons, or marketing messages to your screenshots.
  • Don’t use extremely light or dark colors or highly-contrasting stripes that may interfere with readability of text overlays.

You can also provide a short caption that describes each screenshot in 200 characters or less.


Screenshots are displayed in your listing in order. After you upload your screenshots, you can drag and drop them to reorder them.

Note that if you create Store listings for multiple languages, you'll have a Store listing page for each one. You'll need to upload images for each language separately (even if you are using the same images), and provide captions to use for each language.

Store logos

Store logos are optional images that you can upload for a more customized display in the Store. We recommend that you provide these images for the best Store listing display on all of the devices and OS versions that your app supports.

You can provide these images as .png files (no greater than 50 MB), each of which should follow the guidelines below.

  • 9:16 (720 x 1080 or 1440 x 2160 pixels): This image is required for proper display on Xbox, and is used as the main logo on Store listings for customers on Windows 10, so we strongly recommend providing this image; your listing may not look good without it. The image should include your app’s name, and any text on the image should meet accessible readability requirements (4.51 contrast ratio). Note that text overlays may appear on the bottom quarter of this image, so make sure you don't include text or key imagery there.

  • 1:1 (1080 x 1080 or 2160 x 2160 pixels): This image may appear in various Store layouts for Windows 10 (including Xbox), and if you don't provide the 9:16 logo size it will be used as your main logo. This image should also include your app’s name. Text overlays may appear on the bottom quarter of this image, so don't include text or key imagery there.

  • 1:1 (300 x 300 pixels): This image, sometimes referred to as the App tile icon, is requied for proper display on Windows Phone 8.1 and earlier. If your app supports Windows Phone 8.1 or earlier and you don't provide this image, those customers will see a blank icon with your app's listing. (This also applies to customers on Windows 10, if your app only has packages targeting Windows Phone 8.1 or earlier.) If your submission only includes UWP packages, you don’t need to provide this image. (Note that if your submission includes both Windows Phone 8.x packages and UWP packages, and you do provide this image, it may be used on Windows 10 in certain Store layouts. If you want to prevent this, you can create platform-specific listings for the Windows Phone versions that your app supports and only include the app tile icon there.)

By default, the Store may use logo images from your app's packages when displaying your listing to customers on Windows 10 (including Xbox). You can optionally prevent this and instead have the Store use only images that you upload in the Store logos section. This gives you more control over your app’s appearance in various displays throughout the Store.

To use only uploaded images for display in the Store on Windows 10 (including Xbox), check the box that says For Windows 10 customers, display uploaded logo images instead of the images from my packages.

When you check this box, a new section called Uploaded Store logos appears. Here, you can upload 3 images, including the 300 x 300 “app tile icon” size (if you check the box, the field to provide that image will move into this section). We recommend providing all three image sizes if you use this option: 300 x 300, 150 x 150, and 71 x 71 pixels. However, only the 300 x 300 size is required.

Additional art assets

This section lets you provide artwork to help display your product more effectively in the Store: promotional images, Xbox images, optional promotional images, and trailers. We recommend providing these images to create a more inviting Store listing. The 16:9 "hero" (1920 x 1080 or 3840 x 2160 pixels) is especially recommended if you plan to include video trailers in your Store listing; if you don't include it, your trailers won't appear at the top of your listing.

To add these images, select Show details in the Additional art assets section.

Promotional images

The images in this section can help your app listing look better, and also allow us to consider your app for featured promotional opportunities. Note that providing these images doesn't guarantee that your app will be featured. See Making your app easy to promote for more information.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when designing your promotional artwork:

  • Images must be in .png format.
  • Select a dynamic image that relates to the app to drive recognition and differentiation. Avoid stock photography or generic visuals.
  • Don't include text in the image.
  • Minimize empty space.
  • Avoid showing your app's UI, and do not use any device-specific imagery.
  • Avoid political and national themes, flags, or religious symbols.
  • Don't include images of insensitive gestures, nudity, gambling, currency, drugs, tobacco, or alcohol.
  • Don't use weapons pointing at the viewer or excessive violence and gore.

When designing your promotional images, keep in mind that in some layouts, we'll apply a gradient over the bottom third so that we can legibly display marketing text over the image. Because of this, make sure you avoid placing key visual elements in the bottom third. Additionally, we may crop your image, so place the most important details in the center.

The 16:9 "hero" (1920 x 1080 or 3840 x 2160 pixels) is used in various layouts in the Microsoft Store on all Windows 10 device types (including Xbox). We recommend providing this image, regardless of which OS versions or device types your app targets. This image is required for proper display if your listing includes video trailers. For customers on Windows 10, version 1607 or later (which includes Xbox), it is used as the main image on the top of your Store listing (or appears after any trailers finish playing). It may also be used to feature your app in promotional layouts throughout the Store. Note that this image must not include the product's title or other text.

The 2:1 (2400 x 1200) image size is only used if your app supports the Holographic device family. If it does, we recommend providing this image.

Xbox images

These images are recommended for proper display if you publish your app to Xbox.

There are 3 different sizes that you can upload:

  • Branded key art, 584 x 800 pixels: Used on Must include the product’s title.
  • Titled hero, 1920 x 1080 pixels: Must include the product’s title.
  • Featured promo, 1080 x 1080 pixels: Used in the Microsoft Store on Xbox One. Must not include the product’s title.


For the best display on Xbox, you must also provide a 9:16 (720 x 1080 or 1440 x 2160 pixels) image in the Store logos section.

Optional promotional images

If your app supports earlier OS versions (Windows 8.x and/or Windows Phone 8.x), these images must be provided in order for us to consider featuring your app in promotional layouts (though they don't guarantee that your app will be featured). If your app does not support these earlier OS versions, you can skip this section.

For Windows Phone 8.1 and earlier, two image sizes can be used in promotional layouts: 1000 x 800 pixels (5:4) and 358 x 358 pixels (1:1). If your app runs on Windows Phone 8.1 or earlier, we recommend providing images in both of these sizes for promotional consideration.


Be sure to provide a 300 x 300 app tile icon image in the Store logos section for any submission that supports Windows Phone 8.1 or earlier. This will ensure that your app does not appear in the Store with a blank icon.

For Windows 8.1 and earlier, some promotional layouts may use an image in the 414 x 180 pixel size. If your app runs on Windows 8.1 or earlier, we recommend providing an image in this size for promotional consideration.


Trailers are short videos that give customers a way to see your product in action, so they can get a better understanding of what it’s like. They are shown at the top of your app's Store listing (as long as you include a 1920 x 1080 pixel image (16:9) in the Promotional images section).

Trailers are encoded with Smooth Streaming, which adapts the quality of a video stream delivered to clients in real time based on their available bandwidth and CPU resources.


Trailers are only shown to customers on Windows 10, version 1607 or later (which includes Xbox).

Upload trailers

You can add up to 15 trailers to your Store listing. Be sure they meet all of the requirements listed below.

For each trailer you provide, you must upload a video file (.mp4 or .mov), a thumbnail image, and a title.


When using trailers, you must also provide a 1920 x 1080 pixel image (16:9) in the Promotional images section in order for your trailers to appear at the top of your Store listing. This image will appear after your trailers have finished playing.

Follow these recommendations to make your trailers effective:

  • Trailers should be of good quality and minimal length (60 seconds or less and less than 2 GB recommended).
  • Use a different thumbnail for each trailer so that customers know they are unique.
  • Because some Store layouts may slightly crop the top and bottom of your trailer, make sure key info appears in the center of the screen.
  • Frame rate and resolution should match the source material. For example, content shot at 720p60 should be encoded and uploaded at 720p60.

You must also follow the requirements listed below.

To add trailers to your listing:

  1. Upload your trailer video file in the indicated box. A drop-down box is also shown in case you want to reuse a trailer you have alread uploaded (perhaps for a Store listing in a different language).
  2. After you have uploaded the trailer, you'll need to upload a thumbnail image to go along with it. This must be a .png file that is 1920 x 1080 pixels, and is typically a still image taken from the trailer.
  3. Click the pencil icon to add a title for your trailer (255 characters or fewer).
  4. If you want to add more trailers to the listing, click Add trailer and repeat the steps listed above.


If you have created Store listings in multiple languages, you can select Choose from existing trailers to reuse the trailers you've already uploaded. You don't have to upload them individually for each language.

To remove a trailer from a listing, click the X next to its file name. You can choose whether to remove it from only the current Store listing in which you are working, or to remove it from from all of your product's Store listings (in every language).

Trailer requirements

When providing your trailers, be sure to follow these requirements:

  • The video format must be MOV or MP4.
  • The video duration shouldn't exceed 60 seconds.
  • The file size of the trailer shouldn't exceed 2 GB.
  • The video resolution must be either 1920 x 1080 pixels or 3840 x 2160 pixels.
  • The thumbnail must be a PNG file with a resolution of either 1920 x 1080 pixels or 3840 x 2160 pixels.
  • The title can’t exceed 255 characters.

Like the other fields on the Store listing page, trailers must pass certification before you can publish them to the Microsoft Store. Be sure your trailers comply with the Microsoft Store Policies.

There are additional requirements depending on the type of file.


  • 1080p ProRes (HQ where appropriate)
  • Native framerate; 29.97 FPS preferred
  • Stereo required
  • Recommended Audio Level: -16 LKFS/LUFS


  • Codec: H.264
  • Progressive scan (no interlacing)
  • High Profile
  • 2 consecutive B frames
  • Closed GOP. GOP of half the frame rate
  • 50 MB/s
  • Color Space: 4.2.0
  • Codec: AAC-LC
  • Channels: Stereo or surround sound
  • Sample rate: 48 KHz
  • Audio Bitrate: 384 KB/s for Stereo, 512 KB/s for surround sound

For H.264 Mezzanine files, we recommend the following:

  • Container: MP4
  • No Edit Lists (or you might lose AV sync)
  • moov atom at the front of the file (Fast Start)