Generate preinstall packages for OEMs

If your developer account has been granted the appropriate permissions, you can generate and download preinstall packages so that an OEM can include your app in their OS image. Preinstall permissions are only enabled on developer accounts that are sponsored by OEMs.

Important preinstall policy & limitations

Preinstall apps must be certified through Partner Center to have the latest Store license so that they are able to connect to the Store and receive app updates.

Any app that is preinstalled must be and remain free in all markets.

Generating preinstall packages

Once an account has been enabled with preinstall permissions, complete the following steps:

  1. In Partner Center, navigate to the app that is to be preinstalled.

  2. In the left navigation menu, expand App management and select Current packages.

  3. In the Request packages for OS preinstallation section, select Enable downloadable packages.

  4. In the confirmation dialog will, select Enable.

  5. Find the package that you want to download and select the appropriate Generate package link.


    Generation time for preinstall packages will vary depending on the size of the package you have selected. You can leave this page and come back later, or you can leave the page open while your package is being generated.

  6. After the package has been generated, a link to Download package will appear. Select this link to download the .zip file.

You can then provide the .zip file to the OEM for inclusion in their OS image.


If you have further questions about generating preinstall packages, please email