Set pricing and availability for your MSI or EXE app


MSI and EXE support in the Microsoft Store is currently in a limited public preview phase. As the size of the preview expands, we'll be adding new participants from the wait list. To join the wait list, click here.

The Availability page of the app submission process lets you declare how, when, and where your app will be available to customers, pricing model of your app and whether you'll offer a free trial. Here, we'll walk through the options on this page and what you should consider when entering this information.


The Microsoft Store is available in over 240 countries and regions around the world. By default, your app will be available in all markets. If you prefer, you can choose the specific markets in which you'd like to offer your app. Microsoft will automatically offer your app in new markets and regions unless you opt-out of this functionality here.

It is your responsibility to meet any local legal requirements, even if those requirements are not listed here or in Partner Center.

Keep in mind that even if you select all markets, local laws and restrictions or other factors may prevent certain apps from being listed in some countries and regions.


Market selections apply only to new downloads. Existing users can continue to use your app even if you later disable their market, though they will not receive updates released after their market became disabled.


If your app pricing is based on one-time payment (collected through in-app purchase), you can choose Paid. You can choose Subscription if your app pricing is based on a recurring fee. Select freemium option if you let users use limited functionality in your app for free and upgrade through in-app purchases.

Free trial
Selection required for paid and subscription apps only

Developers who offer paid or subscription apps often allow customers to try out their app for free before paying. By default, free trials are disabled. If you'd like to offer a trial, select the duration you would like to offer from the drop down.