Create a new Xbox Live Creators Program title and publish to the test environment


Before writing any Xbox Live code, you must setup a new title on your service configuration portal. You can learn more about service configuration in Xbox Live Service Configuration.

This article will walk through everything required to get a title configured in Partner Center, a new project created, and preparing Xbox Live for testing. This article assumes the following:

  1. You are using the Xbox Live Creators Program.
  2. You are developing a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) title. UWP titles can run on Xbox One, Windows 10 desktop PCs, and mobile
  3. You are configuring your title in Partner Center.
  4. Your development machine is running Windows 10.


If you are part of the Xbox Live Creators Program, the above assumptions apply to you and you should follow along with this article

Partner Center setup

You need an Xbox Live enabled title created in Partner Center as a pre-requisite to using any Xbox Live functionality.

Create a Microsoft account

If you don't have a Microsoft Account (also known as an MSA), you will need to first create one at Microsoft Account - Sign In. If you have an Office 365 account, use, or have an Xbox Live account - you probably already have an MSA.

Register as an App Developer

You will need to register as an App Developer before you can create a new title in Partner Center.

To register, go to Register as an app developer and follow the sign-up process.

Create a new UWP title

You will need a UWP title defined in Partner Center. You do that by first going to Partner Center.

Next, create a new title. You'll need to reserve a name.

The screenshot shows the primary page where you'll be configuring Xbox Live, located under the Services > Xbox Live menu.

Enable Xbox Live services

When you click the Xbox Live link under Services for the first time for a product, you will be taken to the Enable Xbox Live Creators Program page. Next, click the Enable button to bring up the Xbox Live setup dialog.

On the setup dialog, select the platforms that you would like to enable the Xbox Live Services for (both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC are selected by default). Click the Confirm button to enable Xbox Live Creators Program for your game.


Xbox Live is only supported for games. In order to successfully publish your game with Xbox Live, you must set your product type to "Game" in the properties section of the submission.

Test Xbox Live service configuration in your game

When you make changes to the Xbox Live configuration for your game, you need to publish the changes to a specific environment before they are picked up by the rest of Xbox Live and can be seen by your game.

When you are still working on your game, you publish to your own development sandbox. The development sandbox allows you to work on changes to your game in an isolated environment.

When your game is released to the public, the Xbox Live configuration will automatically be published to the RETAIL sandbox.

By default, Xbox One Consoles and Windows 10 PCs are in the RETAIL sandbox.

Publish Xbox Live Configuration to the test environment

Whenever you enable Xbox Live services and make changes to Xbox Live service configuration, to make the changes effective, you need to publish these changes to your development sandbox.

On the Xbox Live configuration page, click the Test button to publish the current Xbox Live configuration to your development sandbox.

Authorize devices and users for the development sandbox

Only authorized devices and users can access the Xbox Live configuration for the game in your development sandbox.

By default, all the Xbox One development consoles you have added to your Partner Center account have access to your development sandbox. To add an Xbox One console, go to Manage Xbox One consoles. If you’re already in your Partner Center account, you can go to Account Settings > Account Settings > Dev devices > Xbox One development consoles.

You can also authorize normal Xbox Live accounts to have access to your development sandbox. To authorize Xbox Live accounts access to your development sandbox, go to Manage Accounts.

Next steps

Now that you have a new title created, you can now setup an Xbox Live enabled title in your Game Engine, Visual Studio or build environment of choice.

See Step by step guide to integrate Xbox Live