ms-DNS-NSEC3-User-Salt attribute

An attribute that defines a user-specified NSEC3 salt string to use when signing the DNS zone. If empty, random salt will be used.

Entry Value
CN ms-DNS-NSEC3-User-Salt
Ldap-Display-Name msDNS-NSEC3UserSalt
Size -
Update Privilege -
Update Frequency -
Attribute-Id 1.2.840.113556.1.4.2148
System-Id-Guid aff16770-9622-4fbc-a128-3088777605b9
Syntax String(Unicode)


Windows Server 2012

Entry Value
Link-Id -
System-Only False
Is-Single-Valued True
Is Indexed False
In Global Catalog False
NT-Security-Descriptor O:BAG:BAD:S:
Range-Lower 0
Range-Upper 510
Search-Flags 0x00000008
System-Flags 0x00000010
Classes used in Dns-Zone