ms-DS-Bindable-Object class

Auxiliary class to represent a bindable object. Any user-defined class that represents an entity that can be used to bind to the directory (that is, a user), should include this auxiliary class.

CN ms-DS-Bindable-Object
Ldap-Display-Name msDS-BindableObject
Update Privilege -
Update Frequency -
Schema-Id-Guid 89f4a69f-4416-6b49-821d-6e3c4a0ff802



System-Only False
Object-Category 3
Default-Object-Category -
Governs-Id 1.2.840.113556.1.5.244
Default-Hiding-Value 1
Rdn-Att-Id -
Subclass of Security-Principal
Possible Superiors -
Auxiliary Classes -
NT-Security-Descriptor O:BAG:BAD:S:
Default Security Descriptor -
System-Flags 0x00000010

ADAM Attributes

This class contains the following attributes for ADAM:

Attribute Mandatory Derived from
Account-Expires False ms-DS-Bindable-Object
Admin-Description False Top
Admin-Display-Name False Top
Allowed-Attributes False Top
Allowed-Attributes-Effective False Top
Allowed-Child-Classes False Top
Allowed-Child-Classes-Effective False Top
Bad-Password-Time False ms-DS-Bindable-Object
Bad-Pwd-Count False ms-DS-Bindable-Object
Bridgehead-Server-List-BL False Top
Canonical-Name False Top
Common-Name False Top
Create-Time-Stamp False Top
Description False Top
Display-Name False Top
DSA-Signature False Top
DS-Core-Propagation-Data False Top
From-Entry False Top
FSMO-Role-Owner False Top
Instance-Type True Top
Is-Critical-System-Object False Top
Is-Deleted False Top
Is-Member-Of-DL False Top
Last-Known-Parent False Top
Last-Logon-Timestamp False ms-DS-Bindable-Object
Lockout-Time False ms-DS-Bindable-Object
Managed-Objects False Top
Mastered-By False Top
Modify-Time-Stamp False Top
ms-DS-Approx-Immed-Subordinates False Top
MS-DS-Consistency-Child-Count False Top
MS-DS-Consistency-Guid False Top
ms-DS-Disable-For-Instances-BL False Top
ms-DS-Mastered-By False Top
ms-DS-NC-Repl-Cursors False Top
ms-DS-NC-Repl-Inbound-Neighbors False Top
ms-DS-NC-Repl-Outbound-Neighbors False Top
ms-DS-Repl-Attribute-Meta-Data False Top
ms-DS-Repl-Value-Meta-Data False Top
ms-DS-Service-Account-BL False Top
ms-DS-User-Account-Auto-Locked False ms-DS-Bindable-Object
ms-DS-User-Account-Control-Computed False ms-DS-Bindable-Object
ms-DS-User-Account-Disabled False ms-DS-Bindable-Object
ms-DS-User-Dont-Expire-Password False ms-DS-Bindable-Object
ms-DS-User-Encrypted-Text-Password-Allowed False ms-DS-Bindable-Object
ms-DS-User-Password-Expired False ms-DS-Bindable-Object
ms-DS-User-Password-Not-Required False ms-DS-Bindable-Object
Nt-Pwd-History False ms-DS-Bindable-Object
NT-Security-Descriptor True Security-Principal
Obj-Dist-Name False Top
Object-Category True Top
Object-Class True Top
Object-Guid False Top
Object-Sid True Security-Principal
Object-Version False Top
Other-Well-Known-Objects False Top
Partial-Attribute-Deletion-List False Top
Partial-Attribute-Set False Top
Possible-Inferiors False Top
Proxied-Object-Name False Top
Proxy-Addresses False Top
Pwd-Last-Set False ms-DS-Bindable-Object
Query-Policy-BL False Top
RDN False Top
Repl-Property-Meta-Data False Top
Repl-UpToDate-Vector False Top
Reps-From False Top
Reps-To False Top
Revision False Top
SD-Rights-Effective False Top
Server-Reference-BL False Top
Show-In-Advanced-View-Only False Top
Site-Object-BL False Top
Structural-Object-Class False Top
Sub-Refs False Top
SubSchemaSubEntry False Top
Supplemental-Credentials False Security-Principal
System-Flags False Top
Token-Groups False Security-Principal
Unicode-Pwd False ms-DS-Bindable-Object
USN-Changed False Top
USN-Created False Top
USN-DSA-Last-Obj-Removed False Top
USN-Intersite False Top
USN-Last-Obj-Rem False Top
USN-Source False Top
Wbem-Path False Top
Well-Known-Objects False Top
When-Changed False Top
When-Created False Top
WWW-Home-Page False Top
WWW-Page-Other False Top