Windows Connection Manager

Overview of the Windows Connection Manager technology.

To develop Windows Connection Manager, you need these headers:

For programming guidance for this technology, see:


Title Description
WCM_CONNECTION_COST Determines the connection cost type and flags.
WCM_CONNECTION_COST_SOURCE Specifies the source that provides connection cost information.
WCM_MEDIA_TYPE Specifies the type of media for a connection.
WCM_PROPERTY Specifies a property of a connection.


Title Description
WcmFreeMemory Is used to release memory resources allocated by the WCM functions.
WcmGetProfileList Retrieves a list of profiles in preferred order.
WcmQueryProperty Retrieves the value of a specified WCM property.
WcmSetProfileList Reorders a profile list or a subset of a profile list.
WcmSetProperty Sets the value of a WCM property.


Title Description
WCM_BILLING_CYCLE_INFO Specifies information about the billing cycle.
WCM_CONNECTION_COST_DATA Specifies information about a connection cost.
WCM_DATAPLAN_STATUS Specifies subscription information for a network connection.
WCM_POLICY_VALUE Contains information about the current value of a policy.
WCM_PROFILE_INFO Contains information about a specific profile.
WCM_PROFILE_INFO_LIST Contains a list of profiles in preferred order.
WCM_TIME_INTERVAL Defines a time interval.
WCM_USAGE_DATA Contains information related to connection usage.