IBackgroundCopyCallback2::FileTransferred method

BITS calls your implementation of the FileTransferred method when BITS successfully finishes transferring a file.


HRESULT FileTransferred(
  IBackgroundCopyJob  *pJob,
  IBackgroundCopyFile *pFile



Contains job-related information. Do not release pJob; BITS releases the interface when this method returns.


Contains file-related information. Do not release pFile; BITS releases the interface when this method returns.

Return Value

This method should return S_OK; otherwise, if negative, BITS continues to call this method until S_OK is returned. For performance reasons, you should limit the number of times you return a value other than S_OK to a few times. As an alternative to returning an error code, consider always returning S_OK and handling the error internally. The interval at which this method is called is arbitrary.


Typically, you would not use this callback unless you want to validate the contents of the file that was downloaded. Validating the file may be important to you if you are downloading content that could be served to peers.

To get the name of the temporary file that contains the downloaded content, call the IBackgroundCopyFile3::GetTemporaryName method. After verifying the content, call the IBackgroundCopyFile3::SetValidationState method to indicate to BITS if the contents of the file is valid. If you set the validation state to FALSE and the content is from the origin server, the job moves to the error state.

If the content is from a peer, BITS downloads the file from the origin server. The callback is called again after the file transfer from the origin server completes.

BITS 3.0:  The callback is not called again after the file transfer from the origin server completes.

For a job, FileTransferred callbacks are serialized. BITS will not dispatch a callback for the next file in the job until the current callback returns successfully.

FileTransferred callbacks are dispatched before JobTransferred and JobError callbacks.

The FileTransferred callback is for download jobs or the reply portion of an upload-reply job.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Target Platform Windows
Header bits3_0.h (include Bits.h)
Library Bits.lib

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