BluetoothSetLocalServiceInfo function (bluetoothapis.h)

The BluetoothSetLocalServiceInfo function sets local service information for a specific Bluetooth radio.


DWORD BluetoothSetLocalServiceInfo(
  [in, optional] HANDLE                             hRadioIn,
  [in]           const GUID                         *pClassGuid,
  [in]           ULONG                              ulInstance,
  [in]           const BLUETOOTH_LOCAL_SERVICE_INFO *pServiceInfoIn


[in, optional] hRadioIn

A handle of the Bluetooth radio device to specify local service information for. If NULL, BluetoothSetLocalServiceInfo searches for the first available local Bluetooth radio.

[in] pClassGuid

The GUID of the service to expose. This should match the GUID in the server-side INF file.

[in] ulInstance

An instance ID for the device node of the Plug and Play (PnP) ID.

[in] pServiceInfoIn

A pointer to a BLUETOOTH_LOCAL_SERVICE_INFO structure that describes the local service to set.

Return value

The BluetoothSetLocalServiceInfo function returns the following values:

Return code Description
The specified Bluetooth radio was not detected.
No Bluetooth radios were detected.
Sufficient resources were not available to complete the operation. You can receive this error when more than 100 local physical device objects (PDOs) correspond to Bluetooth services.
The caller does not have the required privileges. See the Remarks section for information about how to elevate privileges.


BluetoothSetLocalServiceInfo is a user-mode API that is used only by profile driver developers to trigger the installation of a local service that is described by the service GUID in pClassGuid.

BluetoothSetLocalServiceInfo generates a Plug and Play (PnP) device ID in the form of "BTHENUM{ClassGuid}". For example, "BTHENUM{xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx}". User-mode applications can call BluetoothSetLocalServiceInfo subsequent times with the same service GUID but with a different instance ID to create multiple instances of the specified server-side profile.

To use Bluetooth APIs like BluetoothSetLocalServiceInfo, user-mode applications should link with BthProps.lib.

Warning  The process that calls BluetoothSetLocalServiceInfo must have the SE_LOAD_DRIVER_NAME privilege. A process running in the system or an administrator context can elevate its privilege by using the SDK LookupPrivilegeValue and AdjustTokenPrivileges functions. For more information about this see Installing a Bluetooth Device.
The BLUETOOTH_LOCAL_SERVICE_INFO structure is defined in the SDK BluetoothApis.h header file.


Minimum supported client Versions:_Supported in Windows Vista, and later.
Target Platform Universal
Header bluetoothapis.h
Library BthProps.lib
DLL bthprops.cpl; BluetoothAPIs.dll

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