bluetoothleapis.h header

This header is used by Bluetooth Devices Reference. For more information, see:


Title Description
BluetoothGATTAbortReliableWrite Specifies the end of reliable write procedures, and the writes should be aborted.
BluetoothGATTBeginReliableWrite The BluetoothGATTBeginReliableWrite function specifies that reliable writes are about to begin.
BluetoothGATTEndReliableWrite Specifies the end of reliable writes, and the writes should be committed.
BluetoothGATTGetCharacteristics Gets all the characteristics available for the specified service.
BluetoothGATTGetCharacteristicValue Gets the value of the specified characteristic.
BluetoothGATTGetDescriptors Gets all the descriptors available for the specified characteristic.
BluetoothGATTGetDescriptorValue Gets the value of the specified descriptor.
BluetoothGATTGetIncludedServices Gets all the included services available for a given service.
BluetoothGATTGetServices The BluetoothGATTGetServices function gets all the primary services available for a server.
BluetoothGATTRegisterEvent Registers a routine to be called back during a characteristic value change event on the given characteristic identified by its characteristic handle.
BluetoothGATTSetCharacteristicValue Writes the specified characteristic value to the Bluetooth device.
BluetoothGATTSetDescriptorValue Writes the specified descriptor value to the Bluetooth device.
BluetoothGATTUnregisterEvent Unregisters the given characteristic value change event.