IOfflineFilesSetting::GetValue method (cscobj.h)

Retrieves the value of a particular Offline Files setting.


  [out] VARIANT *pvarValue,
  [out] BOOL    *pbSetByPolicy


[out] pvarValue

Receives the value associated with the setting. This value is determined based on system policy, preferences and system defaults.

The method initializes the VARIANT prior to storing the setting value in it.

[out] pbSetByPolicy

Receives TRUE if the value was set by policy, FALSE if the value was determined by preference or default.

Return value

S_OK if the value query is successful or an error value otherwise.


The value returned in the pvarValue parameter is determined as follows:

  1. If machine policy exists, use it.
  2. Otherwise, if user policy exists, use it.
  3. Otherwise, if machine preference exists, use it.
  4. Otherwise, if user preference exists, use it.
  5. Otherwise, use the system default value.
The primary intent of the pbSetByPolicy parameter is to allow the caller to disable UI associated with a setting when the setting has been configured through Group Policy.

It is important to note that policy cannot be set through the Offline Files API. Policy can be set only through the Group Policy mechanism. The Offline Files API only supports querying policy values.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Target Platform Windows
Header cscobj.h
DLL CscSvc.dll; CscObj.dll

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