ID2D1BoundsAdjustmentTransform interface (d2d1effectauthor.h)

A support transform for effects to modify the output rectangle of the previous effect or bitmap.


The ID2D1BoundsAdjustmentTransform interface inherits from the ID2D1TransformNode interface.


The ID2D1BoundsAdjustmentTransform interface has these methods.

Method Description
ID2D1BoundsAdjustmentTransform::GetOutputBounds Returns the output rectangle of the support transform.
ID2D1BoundsAdjustmentTransform::SetOutputBounds This sets the output bounds for the support transform.


The support transform can be used for two different reasons.

  • To indicate that a region of its input image is already transparent black. The expanded area will be treated as transparent black.

    This can increase efficiency for rendering bitmaps.

  • To increase the size of the input image.


Target Platform Windows
Header d2d1effectauthor.h