D3D10_MAPPED_TEXTURE2D structure (d3d10.h)

Provides access to subresource data in a 2D texture.


typedef struct D3D10_MAPPED_TEXTURE2D {
  void *pData;
  UINT RowPitch;



Type: void*

Pointer to the data.


Type: UINT

The pitch, or width, or physical size (in bytes), of one row of an uncompressed texture. A block-compressed texture is encoded in 4x4 blocks (see virtual size vs physical size) ; therefore, RowPitch is the number of bytes in a block of 4x4 texels.


This structure is used in a call to Map.

To illustrate the row pitch, assume an uncompressed 2D texture with mipmap levels, as shown in the following illustration.

Illustration of an uncompressed 2D texture with mipmap levels

Visualize the top-level texture drawn in a single plane like the following illustration.

Illustration of a single plane

However, the actual layout of each element in memory looks more like the following illustration.

Illustration of the row pitch in memory

For this example, the row pitch encompasses 5 elements (one row), whose size would be five times the number of bytes per element.

Use row pitch to advance a pointer between rows within a single 2D texture plane.


To access data in, say, the third mipmap level, you must cast the pData pointer as demonstrated in the following example for a floating-point texture.

D3D10_MAPPED_TEXTURE2D mappedTexture;
if( SUCCEEDED( pTexture->Map( D3D10CalcSubresource(2, 0, 3), D3D10_MAP_WRITE_DISCARD, 0, &mappedTexture )))
    D3D10_TEXTURE2D_DESC desc;
    pTexture->GetDesc( &desc );
    // Compute the width and height of the third mipmap level
    const UINT WIDTH = desc.Width >> 2;
    const UINT HEIGHT = desc.Height >> 2;
    FLOAT* pTexels = (FLOAT*)mappedTexture.pData;
    for( UINT row = 0; row < HEIGHT; row++ )
      UINT rowStart = row * mappedTexture.RowPitch/4;
      for( UINT col = 0; col < WIDTH; col++ )
        pTexels[rowStart + col*4 + 0]; // Red
        pTexels[rowStart + col*4 + 1]; // Green
        pTexels[rowStart + col*4 + 2]; // Blue
        pTexels[rowStart + col*4 + 3]; // Alpha

    pTexture->Unmap(D3D10CalcSubresource(2, 0, 3));


Header d3d10.h

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