D3D11_TEXTURE_LAYOUT enumeration

Specifies texture layout options.


typedef enum D3D11_TEXTURE_LAYOUT {
} ;


D3D11_TEXTURE_LAYOUT_UNDEFINED The texture layout is undefined, and is selected by the driver.
D3D11_TEXTURE_LAYOUT_ROW_MAJOR Data for the texture is stored in row major (sometimes called pitch-linear) order.
D3D11_TEXTURE_LAYOUT_64K_STANDARD_SWIZZLE A default texture uses the standardized swizzle pattern.


This enumeration controls the swizzle pattern of default textures and enable map support on default textures. Callers must query D3D11_FEATURE_DATA_D3D11_OPTIONS2 to ensure that each option is supported.

The standard swizzle formats applies within each page-sized chunk, and pages are laid out in linear order with respect to one another. A 16-bit interleave pattern defines the conversion from pre-swizzled intra-page location to the post-swizzled location.

Standard swizzle patterns To demonstrate, consider the 32bpp swizzle format above. This is represented by the following interleave masks, where bits on the left are most-significant.
UINT xBytesMask = 1010 1010 1000 1111
UINT yMask =      0101 0101 0111 0000

To compute the swizzled address, the following code could be used (where the _pdep_u32 instruction is supported):

UINT swizzledOffset = resourceBaseOffset +
                      _pdep_u32(xOffset, xBytesMask) + 
                      _pdep_u32(yOffset, yBytesMask);


Header d3d11_3.h

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