D3D11_TRACE_REGISTER structure (d3d11shadertracing.h)

Describes a trace register.


typedef struct D3D11_TRACE_REGISTER {
  union {
    UINT16 Index1D;
    UINT16 Index2D[2];
  UINT8                     OperandIndex;
  UINT8                     Flags;



A D3D11_TRACE_REGISTER_TYPE-typed value that identifies the type of register that the shader-trace object uses.


An index for one-dimensional arrays. This index is used by the following register types:

  • vertex shader or pixel shader input: v[Index1D]
  • temp: r[Index1D]
  • output: o[Index1D]
  • immediate constant buffer: icb[Index1D]
  • sampler s[Index1D]
  • resource r[Index1D]
  • input patch constant register: vpc[Index1D]
  • unordered access view: u[Index1D]
  • thread group shared memory: g[Index1D]


An array of indexes for two-dimensional arrays. These indexes are used by the following register types:

  • GS input: v[Index2D[0]][Index2D[1]]
  • indexable temp: x[Index2D[0]][Index2D[1]]
  • constant buffer: cb#[#]
  • input control point register: vcp[Index2D[0]][Index2D[1]]
  • output control point register: vocp[Index2D[0]][Index2D[1]]


The index of the operand, which starts from 0.


A combination of the following flags that are combined by using a bitwise OR operation. The resulting value specifies more about the trace register.

Flag Description
D3D11_TRACE_REGISTER_FLAGS_RELATIVE_INDEXING (0x1) Access to the register is part of the relative indexing of a register.


The following register types do not require an index:

  • input PrimitiveID
  • output oDepth
  • immediate32
  • NULL register
  • output control point ID (this is actually an input; it defines the output that the thread controls)
  • input fork instance ID
  • input join instance ID
  • input domain point register
  • cycle counter
Note  This API requires the Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows 8.


Minimum supported client Windows 8 [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2012 [desktop apps only]
Header d3d11shadertracing.h

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