D3D12_QUERY_HEAP_TYPE Enumeration

Specifies the type of query heap to create.


typedef enum D3D12_QUERY_HEAP_TYPE {
} ;


D3D12_QUERY_HEAP_TYPE_OCCLUSION This returns a binary 0/1 result: 0 indicates that no samples passed depth and stencil testing, 1 indicates that at least one sample passed depth and stencil testing. This enables occlusion queries to not interfere with any GPU performance optimization associated with depth/stencil testing.
D3D12_QUERY_HEAP_TYPE_TIMESTAMP Indicates that the heap is for high-performance timing data.
D3D12_QUERY_HEAP_TYPE_PIPELINE_STATISTICS Indicates the heap is to contain pipeline data. Refer to D3D12_QUERY_DATA_PIPELINE_STATISTICS.
D3D12_QUERY_HEAP_TYPE_SO_STATISTICS Indicates the heap is to contain stream output data. Refer to D3D12_QUERY_DATA_SO_STATISTICS.
D3D12_QUERY_HEAP_TYPE_VIDEO_DECODE_STATISTICS Indicates the heap is to contain video decode statistics data. Refer to [D3D12_QUERY_DATA_VIDEO_DECODE_STATISTICS](/windows/win32/api/d3d12video/ns-d3d12video-d3d12_query_data_video_decode_statistics).

Video decode statistics can only be queried from video decode command lists (D3D12_COMMAND_LIST_TYPE_VIDEO_DECODE). See D3D12_QUERY_TYPE_DECODE_STATISTICS for more details.

D3D12_QUERY_HEAP_TYPE_COPY_QUEUE_TIMESTAMP Indicates the heap is to contain timestamp queries emitted exclusively by copy command lists. Copy queue timestamps can only be queried from a copy command list, and a copy command list can not emit to a regular timestamp query Heap.

Support for this query heap type is not universal. You must use CheckFeatureSupport with D3D12_FEATURE_D3D12_OPTIONS3 to determine whether the adapter supports copy queue timestamp queries.


This enum is used by the D3D12_QUERY_HEAP_DESC structure.


Header d3d12.h

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