ID3D12GraphicsCommandList4 interface

Encapsulates a list of graphics commands for rendering, extending the interface to support ray tracing and render passes.


The ID3D12GraphicsCommandList4 interface has these methods.

Method Description
ID3D12GraphicsCommandList4::BeginRenderPass Marks the beginning of a render pass by binding a set of output resources for the duration of the render pass. These bindings are to one or more render target views (RTVs), and/or to a depth stencil view (DSV).
ID3D12GraphicsCommandList4::BuildRaytracingAccelerationStructure Performs a raytracing acceleration structure build on the GPU and optionally outputs post-build information immediately after the build.
ID3D12GraphicsCommandList4::CopyRaytracingAccelerationStructure Copies a source acceleration structure to destination memory while applying the specified transformation.
ID3D12GraphicsCommandList4::DispatchRays Launch the threads of a ray generation shader.
ID3D12GraphicsCommandList4::EmitRaytracingAccelerationStructurePostbuildInfo Emits post-build properties for a set of acceleration structures. This enables applications to know the output resource requirements for performing acceleration structure operations via ID3D12GraphicsCommandList4::CopyRaytracingAccelerationStructure.
ID3D12GraphicsCommandList4::EndRenderPass Marks the ending of a render pass.
ID3D12GraphicsCommandList4::ExecuteMetaCommand Records the execution (or invocation) of the specified meta command into a graphics command list.
ID3D12GraphicsCommandList4::InitializeMetaCommand Initializes the specified meta command.
ID3D12GraphicsCommandList4::SetPipelineState1 Sets a state object on the command list.


Target Platform Windows
Header d3d12.h

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