D3D12_TEX1D_SRV structure

Specifies the subresource from a 1D texture to use in a shader-resource view.


typedef struct D3D12_TEX1D_SRV {
  UINT  MostDetailedMip;
  UINT  MipLevels;
  FLOAT ResourceMinLODClamp;
} D3D12_TEX1D_SRV;



Index of the most detailed mipmap level to use; this number is between 0 and MipLevels (from the original Texture1D for which ID3D12Device::CreateShaderResourceView creates a view) -1.


The maximum number of mipmap levels for the view of the texture. See the remarks.

Set to -1 to indicate all the mipmap levels from MostDetailedMip on down to least detailed.


A value to clamp sample LOD values to. For example, if you specify 2.0f for the clamp value, you ensure that no individual sample accesses a mip level less than 2.0f.


This structure is one member of a shader-resource-view description, D3D12_SHADER_RESOURCE_VIEW_DESC.

As an example, assuming MostDetailedMip = 6 and MipLevels = 2, the view will have access to 2 mipmap levels, 6 and 7, of the original texture for which ID3D12Device::CreateShaderResourceView creates the view. In this situation, MostDetailedMip is greater than the MipLevels in the view. However, MostDetailedMip is not greater than the MipLevels in the original resource.


Header d3d12.h

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