EapHostPeerCredentialsXml2Blob function (eaphostpeerconfigapis.h)

Generates the credentials BLOB. The credentials BLOB contains only user data such as user name, password, and PIN. A configuration BLOB, in contrast, contains the settings that control the behavior of the method.


DWORD EapHostPeerCredentialsXml2Blob(
  [in]  DWORD           dwFlags,
  [in]  IXMLDOMNode     *pCredentialsDoc,
  [in]  DWORD           dwSizeOfConfigIn,
  [in]  BYTE            *pConfigIn,
  [out] DWORD           *pdwSizeOfCredentialsOut,
  [out] BYTE            **ppCredentialsOut,
  [out] EAP_METHOD_TYPE *pEapMethodType,
  [out] EAP_ERROR       **ppEapError


[in] dwFlags

Not used. Set to 0.

[in] pCredentialsDoc

A pointer to an XML node of a document that contains credentials which are either user or machine credentials depending on the configuration passed in. The XML document is created with the EapHostUserCredentials Schema.

[in] dwSizeOfConfigIn

The size, in bytes, of the buffer pointed to by the pConfigIn parameter.

[in] pConfigIn

A pointer to a byte buffer that contains a configuration BLOB for which the credentials are configured. The buffer is of size dwSizeofConfigIn.

[out] pdwSizeOfCredentialsOut

The size, in bytes, of the buffer pointed to by ppCredentialsOut.

[out] ppCredentialsOut

A pointer to a pointer to a byte buffer that receives the credentials BLOB buffer generated by the input XML. The buffer can is of size pdwSizeofCredentialsOut. After consuming the data, this memory must be freed by calling EapHostPeerFreeMemory.

[out] pEapMethodType

A pointer to an EAP_METHOD_TYPE structure referred to in the XML document.

[out] ppEapError

A pointer to a pointer to an EAP_ERROR structure that contains any errors raised by EAPHost during the execution of this function call. After consuming the error data, this memory must be freed by calling EapHostPeerFreeErrorMemory.

Return value



The configuration BLOB is originally returned by one of the following methods.

The XML based credentials can come from group policy or from a system administrator.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008 [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header eaphostpeerconfigapis.h
Library Eappcfg.lib
DLL Eappcfg.dll

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