evntcons.h header

This header is used by Event Tracing. For more information, see:

  • Event Tracing evntcons.h contains the following programming interfaces:


Title Description
EventAccessControl Adds or modifies the permissions of the specified provider or session.
EventAccessQuery Retrieves the permissions for the specified controller or provider.
EventAccessRemove Removes the permissions defined in the registry for the specified provider or session.


Title Description
EVENT_EXTENDED_ITEM_INSTANCE Defines the relationship between events if TraceEventInstance was used to log related events.
EVENT_EXTENDED_ITEM_RELATED_ACTIVITYID Defines the parent event of this event.
EVENT_EXTENDED_ITEM_STACK_TRACE32 Defines a call stack on a 32-bit computer.
EVENT_EXTENDED_ITEM_STACK_TRACE64 Defines a call stack on a 64-bit computer.
EVENT_EXTENDED_ITEM_TS_ID Defines the terminal session that logged the event.
EVENT_HEADER Defines information about the event.
EVENT_HEADER_EXTENDED_DATA_ITEM Defines the extended data that ETW collects as part of the event data.
EVENT_RECORD Defines the layout of an event that ETW delivers.


Title Description
EVENTSECURITYOPERATION Defines what component of the security descriptor that the EventAccessControl function modifies.