IGroupPolicyObject interface

The IGroupPolicyObject interface provides methods to create and modify a GPO directly, without using the Group Policy Object Editor.

Note that this interface does not support multithreaded object concurrency.


The IGroupPolicyObject interface inherits from the IUnknown interface. IGroupPolicyObject also has these types of members:


The IGroupPolicyObject interface has these methods.

Method Description
IGroupPolicyObject::Delete The Delete method deletes the GPO.
IGroupPolicyObject::GetDisplayName The GetDisplayName method retrieves the display name for the GPO.
IGroupPolicyObject::GetDSPath The GetDSPath method retrieves the Active Directory path to the root of the specified GPO section.
IGroupPolicyObject::GetFileSysPath The GetFileSysPath method retrieves the file system path to the root of the specified GPO section. The path is in UNC format.
IGroupPolicyObject::GetMachineName The GetMachineName method retrieves the computer name of the remote GPO. This is the name specified by the OpenRemoteMachineGPO method.
IGroupPolicyObject::GetName The GetName method retrieves the unique GPO name.
IGroupPolicyObject::GetOptions The GetOptions method retrieves the options for the GPO.
IGroupPolicyObject::GetPath The GetPath method retrieves the path to the GPO.
IGroupPolicyObject::GetPropertySheetPages The GetPropertySheetPages method retrieves the property sheet pages associated with the GPO.
IGroupPolicyObject::GetRegistryKey The GetRegistryKey method retrieves a handle to the root of the registry key for the specified GPO section.
IGroupPolicyObject::GetType The GetType method retrieves type information for the GPO being edited.
IGroupPolicyObject::New The New method creates a new GPO in the Active Directory with the specified display name. The method opens the GPO using the OpenDSGPO method.
IGroupPolicyObject::OpenDSGPO The OpenDSGPO method opens the specified GPO and optionally loads the registry information.
IGroupPolicyObject::OpenLocalMachineGPO The OpenLocalMachineGPO method opens the default GPO for the computer and optionally loads the registry information.
IGroupPolicyObject::OpenRemoteMachineGPO The OpenRemoteMachineGPO method opens the default GPO for the specified remote computer and optionally loads the registry information.
IGroupPolicyObject::Save The Save method saves the specified registry policy settings to disk and updates the revision number of the GPO.
IGroupPolicyObject::SetDisplayName The SetDisplayName method sets the display name for the GPO.
IGroupPolicyObject::SetOptions The SetOptions method sets the options for the GPO.


For methods that Microsoft Management Console (MMC) extension snap-ins can use to communicate with the Group Policy Object Editor, see the IGPEInformation interface.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Target Platform Windows
Header gpedit.h

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