IGPMStarterGPO interface

The IGPMStarterGPO interface supports methods that enable you to manage Starter Group Policy Objects (GPOs) in the directory service.

Note that you cannot use this interface to manage local GPOs (LGPOs).

You can instantiate a GPMStarterGPO object by creating a new one with a call to IGPMDomain2::CreateStarterGPO, retrieving an existing one with a call to IGPMDomain2::GetStarterGPO, or by searching for one with a call to IGPMDomain2::SearchStarterGPOs. After creating the object, you can query the GPO and set properties related to the GPO.


The IGPMStarterGPO interface has these methods.

Method Description
IGPMStarterGPO::Backup Creates a backup of the current Starter GPO.
IGPMStarterGPO::CopyTo The CopyTo method copies the current Starter GPO and returns a pointer to the copy of the Starter GPO.
IGPMStarterGPO::Delete Deletes the GPO from the current domain's system volume folder(SysVol).
IGPMStarterGPO::GenerateReport Gets the report for the Starter GPO.
IGPMStarterGPO::GenerateReportToFile The GenerateReportToFile method gets the report for the GPO and saves it to a file at a specified path.
IGPMStarterGPO::GetSecurityInfo Retrieves the set of permissions for the Starter GPO, such as who is granted permission to edit it.
IGPMStarterGPO::Save Saves all Starter GPO settings into a single CAB file.
IGPMStarterGPO::SetSecurityInfo Sets the list of permissions for the Group Policy object (GPO).


The GPMStarterGPO object is analogous to the GPMGPO2 object. The GPMStarterGPO object represents a single instance of a Starter Group Policy object (GPO).

The IGPMStarterGPO interface has three properties that do not have a counterpart in the IGPMGPO2 interface.

  • The Author property contains the name of who created the Template. This attribute is applicable to System Templates. For custom Templates this attribute will be blank. This attribute is read-only.
  • The Product property contains the name of the product that the Template is designed to manage. For example a Template might ship to configure MS Office. This attribute is applicable to System Templates. For custom Templates this attribute will be blank. This attribute is read-only.
  • The Type property is an enum value, GPMStarterGPOType, that specifies the type of the attribute. The Type may be either a system Starter Group Policy object or a custom Starter Group Policy object.
The Save method has no corresponding method in the IGPMGPO2 interface. The Save method will generate a CAB file containing all the contents of a single Starter GPO. The objective of this method is to allow a user to save a Starter GPO in a form that can be easily redistributed. There is no way to create a CAB file containing multiple Starter GPOs.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Target Platform Windows
Header gpmgmt.h

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