ADS_FLAGTYPE_ENUM enumeration (iads.h)

The ADS_FLAGTYPE_ENUM enumeration specifies values that can be used to indicate the presence of the ObjectType or InheritedObjectType fields in the access-control entry (ACE).


typedef enum __MIDL___MIDL_itf_ads_0001_0048_0004 {


The ObjectType field is present in the ACE.
The InheritedObjectType field is present in the ACE.


ObjectType indicates what object type, property set, or property an ACE refers to. It takes a GUID as its value. The GUID referenced by ObjectType is not physically present in the ACE unless ADS_FLAGS_OBJECT_TYPE_PRESENT is set.

InheritedObjectType specifies the GUID of an object that will inherit the ACE. The GUID is not physically present in the ACE unless the ADS_FLAG_INHERITED_OBJECT_TYPE_PRESENT bit is set.

Note  Because VBScript cannot read information from a type library, VBScript applications do not understand the symbolic constants as defined above. You should use the numerical constants instead to set the appropriate flags in your VBScript applications. If you want to use the symbolic constants as a good programming practice, you should make explicit declarations of such constants, as done here, in your VBScript applications.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Header iads.h

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