mfobjects.h header

This header is used by Microsoft Media Foundation. For more information, see:


Title Description
IMF2DBuffer Represents a buffer that contains a two-dimensional surface, such as a video frame.
IMF2DBuffer2 Represents a buffer that contains a two-dimensional surface, such as a video frame.
IMFActivate Enables the application to defer the creation of an object.
IMFAsyncCallback Callback interface to notify the application when an asynchronous method completes.
IMFAsyncCallbackLogging Provides logging information about the parent object the async callback is associated with.
IMFAsyncResult Provides information about the result of an asynchronous operation.
IMFAttributes Provides a generic way to store key/value pairs on an object.
IMFAudioMediaType IMFAudioMediaType is no longer available for use as of Windows 7.
IMFByteStream Represents a byte stream from some data source, which might be a local file, a network file, or some other source.
IMFByteStreamProxyClassFactory Creates a proxy to a byte stream.
IMFCollection Represents a generic collection of IUnknown pointers.
IMFDXGIBuffer Represents a buffer that contains a Microsoft DirectX Graphics Infrastructure (DXGI)surface.
IMFDXGIDeviceManager Enables two threads to share the same Microsoft Direct3D 11 device.
IMFMediaBuffer Represents a block of memory that contains media data.
IMFMediaEvent Represents an event generated by a Media Foundation object. Use this interface to get information about the event.
IMFMediaEventGenerator Retrieves events from any Media Foundation object that generates events.
IMFMediaEventQueue Provides an event queue for applications that need to implement the IMFMediaEventGenerator interface.
IMFMediaType Represents a description of a media format.
IMFMuxStreamAttributesManager Provides access to the IMFAttributes of the substreams of a multiplexed media source.
IMFMuxStreamMediaTypeManager Enables the management of stream configurations for a multiplexed media source. A stream configuration defines a set of substreams that can be included the multiplexed output.
IMFMuxStreamSampleManager Provides the ability to retrieve IMFSample objects for individual substreams within the output of a multiplexed media source.
IMFPluginControl Controls how media sources and transforms are enumerated in Microsoft Media Foundation.
IMFPluginControl2 Controls how media sources and transforms are enumerated in Microsoft Media Foundation.
IMFRemoteAsyncCallback Used by the Microsoft Media Foundation proxy/stub DLL to marshal certain asynchronous method calls across process boundaries.Applications do not use or implement this interface.
IMFSample Represents a media sample, which is a container object for media data.
IMFSampleOutputStream Writes media samples to a byte stream.
IMFVideoMediaType Represents a description of a video format.


Title Description
MFDeserializeAttributesFromStream Loads attributes from a stream into an attribute store.
MFSerializeAttributesToStream Writes the contents of an attribute store to a stream.


Title Description
MFARGB Describes an ARGB color value.
MFAYUVSample Describes a 4:4:4:4 Y'Cb'Cr' sample.
MFOffset Specifies an offset as a fixed-point real number.
MFPaletteEntry Contains one palette entry in a color table.
MFRatio Represents a ratio.
MFT_REGISTER_TYPE_INFO Contains media type information for registering a Media Foundation transform (MFT).
MFVideoArea Specifies a rectangular area within a video frame.
MFVideoCompressedInfo Contains information about a video compression format. This structure is used in the MFVIDEOFORMAT structure.
MFVIDEOFORMAT Describes a video format.
MFVideoInfo Contains video format information that applies to both compressed and uncompressed formats.This structure is used in the MFVIDEOFORMAT structure.
MFVideoSurfaceInfo Contains information about an uncompressed video format. This structure is used in the MFVIDEOFORMAT structure.


Title Description
MF_ATTRIBUTE_SERIALIZE_OPTIONS Defines flags for serializing and deserializing attribute stores.
MF_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE Defines the data type for a key/value pair.
MF_ATTRIBUTES_MATCH_TYPE Specifies how to compare the attributes on two objects.
MF_FILE_ACCESSMODE Specifies the requested access mode for opening a file.
MF_FILE_FLAGS Specifies the behavior when opening a file.
MF_FILE_OPENMODE Specifies how to open or create a file.
MF_PLUGIN_CONTROL_POLICY Defines policy settings for the IMFPluginControl2::SetPolicy method.
MF_Plugin_Type Specifies the object type for the IMFPluginControl interface.
MF2DBuffer_LockFlags Contains flags for the IMF2DBuffer2::Lock2DSize method.
MFBYTESTREAM_SEEK_ORIGIN Specifies the origin for a seek request.
MFNominalRange Specifies whether color data includes headroom and toeroom.
MFStandardVideoFormat Contains values that specify common video formats.
MFVideoChromaSubsampling Contains flags that define the chroma encoding scheme for Y'Cb'Cr' data.
MFVideoFlags Contains flags that describe a video stream.
MFVideoInterlaceMode Specifies how a video stream is interlaced.
MFVideoLighting Describes the optimal lighting for viewing a particular set of video content.
MFVideoPrimaries Specifies the color primaries of a video source.
MFVideoTransferFunction Specifies the conversion function from linear RGB to non-linear RGB (R'G'B').
MFVideoTransferMatrix Describes the conversion matrices between Y'PbPr (component video) and studio R'G'B'.