MMCPropertyChangeNotify function (mmc.h)

The MMCPropertyChangeNotify function enables a snap-in property sheet to notify its IComponent or IComponentData interface that an item's properties have changed.

Property sheets run in a different thread than their IComponent and IComponentData server; therefore, if param is a COM interface pointer, it must be marshaled. Asynchronously calling this function notifies the IComponent or the IComponentData associated with the property page whose properties have changed.


HRESULT MMCPropertyChangeNotify(
  [in] LONG_PTR lNotifyHandle,
  [in] LPARAM   param


[in] lNotifyHandle

A value that specifies the handle used to route the notification message to the appropriate IComponent or IComponentData.

[in] param

User-defined. Can be used freely.

Return value

This callback function can return one of these values.


This is the handle passed to IExtendPropertySheet2::CreatePropertyPages.

A call to MMCPropertyChangeNotify causes an MMCN_PROPERTY_CHANGE notification to be sent to the snap-in.

The param value that is passed to MMCPropertyChangeNotify is, in turn, forwarded to the snap-in as the param argument to MMCN_PROPERTY_CHANGE.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Target Platform Windows
Header mmc.h

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