IResultData interface (mmc.h)

The IResultData interface enables a user to add, remove, find, and modify items associated with the result view pane. It also enables the manipulation of the view style of the result view pane.

The IResultData interface was designed to give the impression that the result view pane would be used by only one component, but components should be aware that the result view pane can, in fact, be shared by several components. All item manipulations are performed through the use of an item ID assigned when the item is inserted. This ID is guaranteed to be both static and unique for the life of the item. When an item is deleted, the ID is freed and can be used by other new items in the list. You should never keep an item ID around after its associated item has been deleted.

The IResultData interface handles virtual (owner data) lists as well. Because of the nature of virtual lists, not all methods apply and some methods have limited functionality. These differences are detailed in the descriptions of individual methods. The primary difference in handling virtual lists it that because the console does not maintain any storage for virtual items, it does not provide item IDs. Instead virtual list items are identified by their list position (index).


The IResultData interface inherits from the IUnknown interface. IResultData also has these types of members:


The IResultData interface has these methods.


The IResultData::DeleteAllRsltItems method enables the snap-in to remove all user-inserted items and subitems from the result view pane.

Enables the snap-in to delete a single item in the result view pane.

The IResultData::FindItemByLParam method enables the snap-in to find an item or subitem based on its user-inserted lParam value.

Enables a user to retrieve the parameters of a single item.

The IResultData::GetNextItem method gets the next item in the result view with the specified state flags set.

Enables the snap-in to retrieve a view mode for the result view pane.

The IResultData::InsertItem method enables the snap-in to add a single new item to the result pane view.

Enables the snap-in to modify the state of an item.

The IResultData::ModifyViewStyle method enables the snap-in to set the result pane's view style.

Sets the description bar text for the result view pane.

The IResultData::SetItem method enables the snap-in to set a single item in the result pane.

Sets the number of items in a virtual list.

Enables the snap-in to set the view mode in which the result view pane displays its items.

Sorts all items in the result pane.

Causes a specified item in the result pane to be redrawn.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Target Platform Windows
Header mmc.h