RESULT_VIEW_TYPE_INFO structure (mmc.h)

The RESULT_VIEW_TYPE_INFO structure is introduced in MMC 2.0.

The RESULT_VIEW_TYPE_INFO structure is used in calls to IComponent2::GetResultViewType2 and IComponent2::RestoreResultView. A snap-in uses these two methods to include a result view in the navigational order maintained by MMC's Back/Forward buttons.


typedef struct _RESULT_VIEW_TYPE_INFO {
  LPOLESTR      pstrPersistableViewDescription;
  MMC_VIEW_TYPE eViewType;
  DWORD         dwMiscOptions;
  union {
    DWORD dwListOptions;
    struct {
      DWORD    dwHTMLOptions;
      LPOLESTR pstrURL;
    struct {
      DWORD     dwOCXOptions;
      LPUNKNOWN pUnkControl;



Snap-in-provided identifier for this view type. When implementing IComponent2::GetResultViewType2, this member must contain a valid view description string; otherwise, MMC will not initialize your snap-in. Additionally, this value must be created by means of CoTaskMemAlloc. It will be freed by MMC, not the snap-in.


MMC_VIEW_TYPE enumeration value specifying the view type. This member is the structure's union discriminator and determines which members of the union are valid. This member is one of the following values.


This view is a list view.


This view is an HTML view.


This view is an OCX (ActiveX control) view.


A value that specifies whether the view contains list views. If this value is RVTI_MISC_OPTIONS_NOLISTVIEWS, no list views are contained in the view (the console refrains from presenting standard list view choices on the View menu). Otherwise, this value is zero.


A value that specifies the list view options. Applies only when the eViewType member is MMC_VIEW_TYPE_LIST. This value can be one or more of the following values.


No view options selected. This is the default view option.


A value that specifies that the result pane list view should be a virtual list.


Allows multiple item selections in the result pane view.


Notifies MMC that the snap-in supports filtered views. See Adding Filtered Views.


Uses font linking on result items (for multilingual support). Font linking is a feature installed on systems with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0 or later. Given a Unicode string, the font linking feature determines the best font for that displays that string. For example, to populate a list view with server names in both Japanese and Russian, you would set the font linking view options, and MMC would determine an appropriate font. In the default setting, font linking is not enabled because it can cause a short delay while MMC searches for the appropriate font.


Causes MMC to hide scope items in the view; this applies to standard list views. Scope items are hidden in virtual list views.


Causes MMC to lexically sort all scope items (including extensions) first, followed by all result items; this applies to standard list views. The IResultDataCompare and IResultDataCompareEx interfaces are ignored when this value is set.


Informs MMC that the result pane item is a drop target (see Using Drag and Drop to Result Pane Items).


Applies only when eViewType is MMC_VIEW_TYPE_HTML. This value is reserved for future use and must be zero.


The URL for the HTML view. This parameter applies only when the eViewType member is MMC_VIEW_TYPE_HTML.


Applies only when the eViewType member is MMC_VIEW_TYPE_OCX. This value can be one or more of the following values.

Note  Once the OCX caching option has been set (either by using or not using the RVTI_OCX_OPTIONS_CACHE_OCX flag), the option choice for this instance of the snap-in must not be changed.


No options are specified for the OCX view.


There is no list view in the OCX view.


MMC will cache the OCX. If this value is specified, then the snap-in should maintain the IUnknown pointer for the OCX, so that if MMC calls IComponent2::GetResultViewType2 again, the snap-in returns the IUnknown pointer. MMC then identifies the cached OCX and reuses it. Be aware that OCXs are cached for each IComponent object, so the snap-in should create a different OCX for each IComponent object even if RVTI_OCX_OPTIONS_CACHE_OCX is set.


The IUnknown pointer for the OCX. This parameter applies only when the eViewType member is MMC_VIEW_TYPE_OCX. When a snap-in implements IComponent2 and has an OCX in the result pane, the snap-in must create the OCX during the call to IComponent2::GetResultViewType2 and return the IUnknown pointer (through pUnkControl) to MMC. The snap-in must also initialize the OCX. MMC will not send a MMCN_INITOCX notification to the snap-in.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Header mmc.h

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