ITfInputProcessorProfileMgr::GetProfile method (msctf.h)

The ITfInputProcessorProfileMgr::GetProfile method returns the information of the specified text service's profile or keyboard layout in TF_INPUTPROCESSORPROFILE structure.


HRESULT GetProfile(
  [in]  DWORD                    dwProfileType,
  [in]  LANGID                   langid,
  [in]  REFCLSID                 clsid,
  [in]  REFGUID                  guidProfile,
  [in]  HKL                      hkl,


[in] dwProfileType

[in] The type of this profile. This is one of these values.

Value Meaning
This is a text service.
This is a keyboard layout.

[in] langid

[in] The language id of the profile to be activated.

[in] clsid

[in] The CLSID of the text service of the profile to be activated. This must be CLSID_NULL if dwProfileType is TF_PROFILETYPE_KEYBOARDLAYOUT.

[in] guidProfile

[in] The guidProfile of the profile to be activated. This must be GUID_NULL if dwProfileType is TF_PROFILETYPE_KEYBOARDLAYOUT.

[in] hkl

[in] The handle of the keyboard layout. This must be NULL if dwProfileType is TF_PROFILETYPE_INPUTPROCESSOR.

[out] pProfile

[out] The buffer to receive TF_INPUTPROCESSORPROFILE.

Return value

This method can return one of these values.

Value Description
The method was successful.
An unspecified error occurred.
One or more parameters are invalid.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista [desktop apps | UWP apps]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2003 R2 [desktop apps | UWP apps]
Target Platform Windows
Header msctf.h
DLL Msctf.dll