msdrmdefs.h header

This header is used by Active Directory Rights Management Services SDK. For more information, see:

msdrmdefs.h contains the following programming interfaces:

Callback functions

Title Description
DRMCALLBACK Some of the functions included in the AD RMS SDK provide status information and licenses to your application by using a callback function that you must implement. The callback syntax is shown below.


Title Description
DRM_ACTSERV_INFO The DRM_ACTSERV_INFO structure stores information about the activation server.
DRM_CLIENT_VERSION_INFO Receives information about the version of the Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS) client and the hierarchy, such as Production or Pre-production.
DRM_LICENSE_ACQ_DATA Holds license acquisition data during nonsilent license acquisition.
DRMBOUNDLICENSEPARAMS Used by DRMCreateBoundLicense to bind to a license.
DRMID Identifies an object.


Title Description
DRM_DISTRIBUTION_POINT_INFO Specifies the type of distribution point to retrieve information about when calling DRMGetIssuanceLicenseInfo.
DRM_STATUS_MSG Used by the custom callback function to specify why the callback function is being called.
DRM_USAGEPOLICY_TYPE Used with the DRMGetUsagePolicy and DRMSetUsagePolicy functions to specify a type of usage policy.
DRMATTESTTYPE The DRMATTESTTYPE enumeration specifies what kind of signature to create for a data blob.
DRMENCODINGTYPE The DRMENCODINGTYPE enumeration identifies possible encoding types used in licenses.
DRMGLOBALOPTIONS Defines values for specifying which protocol is used for the transport protocol and whether the server lockbox is used. This enumeration is used by the DRMSetGlobalOptions function.
DRMSECURITYPROVIDERTYPE The DRMSECURITYPROVIDERTYPE enumeration specifies the type of secure DRM environment used.
DRMSPECTYPE The DRMSPECTYPE enumeration indicates what type of security or library providers are used.
DRMTIMETYPE The DRMTIMETYPE enumeration specifies a time type.