IPhotoAcquireOptionsDialog interface

The IPhotoAcquireOptionsDialog interface is used to display an options dialog box in which the user can select photo acquisition settings such as file name formats, as well as whether or not to rotate images, to prompt for a tag name, or to erase photos from the camera after importing.


The IPhotoAcquireOptionsDialog interface has these methods.

Method Description
IPhotoAcquireOptionsDialog::Create The Create method creates and displays a modeless instance of the photo options dialog box, hosted within a parent window.
IPhotoAcquireOptionsDialog::Destroy The Destroy method closes and destroys the modeless dialog box created with the Create method.
IPhotoAcquireOptionsDialog::DoModal The DoModal method creates and displays the options dialog box as a modal dialog box.
IPhotoAcquireOptionsDialog::Initialize Initializes the options dialog box and reads any saved options from the registry.
IPhotoAcquireOptionsDialog::SaveData The SaveData method saves acquisition settings from the options dialog box to the registry so that a subsequent instance of the dialog can be initialized with the same settings.


Target Platform Windows
Header photoacquire.h

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