IPhotoAcquireSource interface

The IPhotoAcquireSource interface is used for acquisition of items from a device.


The IPhotoAcquireSource interface has these methods.

Method Description
IPhotoAcquireSource::GetDeviceIcons The GetDeviceIcons method retrieves the icons that are used to represent the device.
IPhotoAcquireSource::GetDeviceId The GetDeviceId method retrieves the identifier (ID) of the device.
IPhotoAcquireSource::GetFriendlyName The GetFriendlyName method retrieves the name of the device, formatted for display.
IPhotoAcquireSource::GetItemAt The GetItemAt method retrieves the IPhotoAcquireItem object at the given index in the list of items.
IPhotoAcquireSource::GetItemCount The GetItemCount method retrieves the number of items found by the InitializeItemList method.
IPhotoAcquireSource::GetPhotoAcquireSettings The GetPhotoAcquireSettings method obtains an IPhotoAcquireSettings object for working with acquisition settings.
IPhotoAcquireSource::InitializeItemList The InitializeItemList method enumerates transferable items on the device and passes each item to the optional progress callback, if it is supplied.


Target Platform Windows
Header photoacquire.h

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