rectypes.h header

This header is used by Tablet PC. For more information, see:

rectypes.h contains the following programming interfaces:


Title Description
CHARACTER_RANGE Specifies a range of Unicode points (characters).
LATTICE_METRICS Describes the baseline and the midline height.
LINE_SEGMENT Describes the start and end points of a line recognition segment, such as the baseline or midline.
RECO_ATTRS Retrieves the attributes of a recognizer or specifies which attributes to use when you search for an installed recognizer.
RECO_GUIDE Defines the boundaries of the ink to the recognizer.
RECO_LATTICE Serves as the entry point into a lattice.
RECO_LATTICE_COLUMN Represents a column in the lattice.
RECO_LATTICE_ELEMENT Corresponds to one word or one East Asian character, typically; however, an element may also correspond to a gesture, a shape, or some other code.
RECO_LATTICE_PROPERTIES Contains an array of pointers to property structures.
RECO_LATTICE_PROPERTY Contains a property used in the lattice.
RECO_RANGE The structure is obsolete.


Title Description
ALT_BREAKS Specifiers how to create alternates from a best result string.
CONFIDENCE_LEVEL Indicates the level of confidence the recognizer has in the recognition result.
LINE_METRICS Represents the lines found in a recognition segment.