IMetaDataImport::EnumProperties method (rometadataapi.h)

Enumerates PropertyDef tokens representing the properties of the type referenced by the specified TypeDef token.


HRESULT EnumProperties(
  [in, out] HCORENUM      *phEnum,
  [in]      mdTypeDef     tkTypDef,
  [out]     mdProperty [] rgProperties,
  [in]      ULONG         cMax,
  [out]     ULONG         *pcProperties


[in, out] phEnum

A pointer to the enumerator. This must be NULL for the first call of this method.

[in] tkTypDef

A TypeDef token representing the type with properties to enumerate.

[out] rgProperties

The array used to store the PropertyDef tokens.

[in] cMax

The maximum size of the rgProperties array.

[out] pcProperties

The number of PropertyDef tokens returned in rgProperties.

Return value

HRESULT Description
S_OK EnumProperties returned successfully.
S_FALSE There are no tokens to enumerate. In this case, pcProperties is 0 (zero).


Target Platform Windows
Header rometadataapi.h

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