IRealTimeStylus::SetAllTabletsMode method (rtscom.h)

Sets the mode for the RealTimeStylus Class object to collect data from all digitizers.


HRESULT SetAllTabletsMode(
  BOOL fUseMouseForInput



TRUE for both the mouse and stylus to be used for input; FALSE for the mouse not to be used as input.

Return value

For a description of the return values, see RealTimeStylus Classes and Interfaces.


This method enables the RealTimeStylus Class object to collect stylus events from any tablet attached to the Tablet PC. The fUseMouseForInput parameter specifies whether the mouse device, as well as the stylus, can be used for input.

If IRealTimeStylus::SetSingleTabletMode Method () was initially called and RealTimeStylus Class object is enabled, this call is invalid and TPC_E_INVALID_MODE HRESULT is returned.

Note  The IRealTimeStylus::SetAllTabletsMode Method method will fail if the RealTimeStylus is enabled. On Microsoft Windows XP, this method will return S_OK but will have no effect. On Windows Vista, this method will return E_INVALID_MODE.


Minimum supported client Windows XP Tablet PC Edition [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server None supported
Target Platform Windows
Header rtscom.h
DLL RTSCom.dll

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