ICommDlgBrowser3 interface (shobjidl.h)

Extends the capabilities of ICommDlgBrowser2, and used by the common file dialog boxes when they host a Shell browser.


The ICommDlgBrowser3 interface inherits from ICommDlgBrowser2. ICommDlgBrowser3 also has these types of members:


The ICommDlgBrowser3 interface has these methods.

Method Description
ICommDlgBrowser3::GetCurrentFilter Gets the current filter as a Unicode string.
ICommDlgBrowser3::OnColumnClicked Called after a specified column is clicked in the IShellView interface.
ICommDlgBrowser3::OnPreViewCreated Called after a specified preview is created in the IShellView interface.


This interface also provides the methods of the ICommDlgBrowser and ICommDlgBrowser2 interfaces, from which it inherits.

A pointer to ICommDlgBrowser3 can be obtained by calling QueryInterface on the ICommDlgBrowser2 object.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008 [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header shobjidl.h