lineCompleteTransfer function (tapi.h)

The lineCompleteTransfer function completes the transfer of the specified call to the party connected in the consultation call.


LONG lineCompleteTransfer(
  HCALL   hCall,
  HCALL   hConsultCall,
  LPHCALL lphConfCall,
  DWORD   dwTransferMode



Handle to the call to be transferred. The application must be an owner of this call. The call state of hCall must be onHold or onHoldPendingTransfer.


Handle to the call that represents a connection with the destination of the transfer. The application must be an owner of this call. The call state of hConsultCall must be connected, ringback, busy, or proceeding.


Pointer to a memory location where an hCall handle can be returned. If dwTransferMode is LINETRANSFERMODE_CONFERENCE, the newly created conference call is returned in lphConfCall and the application becomes the sole owner of the conference call. Otherwise, this parameter is ignored by TAPI.


How the initiated transfer request is to be resolved. This parameter uses one of the LINETRANSFERMODE_ Constants.

Return value

Returns a positive request identifier if the function is completed asynchronously, or a negative error number if an error occurs. The dwParam2 parameter of the corresponding LINE_REPLY message is zero if the function succeeds or it is a negative error number if an error occurs. Possible return values are:



The LINE_REPLY message sent in response to a call to the lineCompleteTransfer function is based on the status of the call specified by the hCall parameter.

This operation completes the transfer of the original call, hCall, to the party currently connected by hConsultCall. The consultation call is typically dialed on the consultation call allocated as part of lineSetupTransfer, but it can be any call to which the switch is capable of transferring hCall.

The transfer request can be resolved either as a transfer or as a three-way conference call. When resolved as a transfer, the parties connected by hCall and hConsultCall are connected to each other, and both hCall and hConsultCall are typically cleared from the application's line and transition to the idle state. The application's call handle remains valid after the transfer has completed. The application must deallocate its handle with lineDeallocateCall when it is no longer interested in the transferred call.

When resolved as a conference, all three parties enter into a conference call. Both existing call handles remain valid but transition to the conferenced state. A conference call handle is created and returned, and it transitions to the connected state.

If lineGetConfRelatedCalls is called immediately after lineCompleteTransfer with the result that the calls are conferenced, lineGetConfRelatedCalls may not return a complete list of related calls. This is because TAPI waits to receive a LINE_CALLSTATE message indicating that the call has entered LINECALLSTATE_CONFERENCED before it considers the call to actually be part of the conference. That is, it waits for the service provider to confirm the conferenced state. After the application has received the LINE_CALLSTATE message, lineGetConfRelatedCalls returns complete information.

It can also be possible to perform a blind transfer of a call using lineBlindTransfer.


Target Platform Windows
Header tapi.h
Library Tapi32.lib
DLL Tapi32.dll

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