ITAddress interface (tapi3if.h)

The ITAddress interface is the base interface for the Address object. Applications use this interface to get information about and use the Address object.

The ITAddress2 interface derives from the ITAddress interface. ITAddress2 adds methods to the Address object in order to support phone devices. The IEnumAddress::Next and ITTapi::get_Addresses methods create the ITAddress interface.


The ITAddress interface inherits from the IDispatch interface. ITAddress also has these types of members:


The ITAddress interface has these methods.


The CreateCall method creates a new Call object that can be used to make an outgoing call and returns a pointer to the object's ITBasicCallControl interface. The newly created call is in the CS_IDLE state and has no media or terminals selected.

The CreateForwardInfoObject method creates the forwarding information object and returns an ITForwardInformation interface pointer.

The EnumerateCalls method enumerates calls on the current address. This method is provided for C and C++ applications. Automation client applications, such as those written in Visual Basic, must use the get_Calls method.

The Forward method forwards calls destined for the address according to the forwarding instructions contained in ITForwardInformation. If pForwardInfo is set to NULL, forwarding is canceled.

The get_AddressName method gets the displayable name of the address.

The get_Calls method creates a collection of calls currently active on the address. This method is provided for Automation client applications, such as those written in Visual Basic. C and C++ applications must use the EnumerateCalls method.

The get_CurrentForwardInfo method gets a pointer to the current forwarding information object.

The get_DialableAddress method gets the BSTR which can be used to connect to this address. The BSTR corresponds to the destination address string that another application would use to connect to this address, such as a phone number or an e-mail name.

The get_DoNotDisturb method gets the current status of the do not disturb feature on the address. The do not disturb feature may not be available on all addresses.

The get_MessageWaiting method determines if the address has a message waiting.

The get_ServiceProviderName method gets the name of the Telephony Service Provider (TSP) that supports this address:_for example, Unimdm.tsp for the Unimodem service provider or H323.tsp for the H323 service provider.

The get_State method gets the current state of the address in pAddressState.

The get_TAPIObject method gets a pointer to the TAPI object that owns this address.

The put_DoNotDisturb method sets the do not disturb status. The do not disturb feature may not be available on all addresses.

The put_MessageWaiting method sets the status of the message waiting on the address.


Target Platform Windows
Header tapi3if.h (include Tapi3.h)

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