ITextRange2 interface

The ITextRange2 interface is derived from ITextRange, and its objects are powerful editing and data-binding tools that enable a program to select text in a story and then examine or change that text.


The ITextRange2 interface inherits from ITextSelection. ITextRange2 also has these types of members:


The ITextRange2 interface has these methods.

Method Description
ITextRange2::AddSubrange Adds a subrange to this range.
ITextRange2::BuildUpMath Converts the linear-format math in a range to a built-up form, or modifies the current built-up form.
ITextRange2::DeleteSubrange Deletes a subrange from a range.
ITextRange2::Find Searchs for math inline functions in text as specified by a source range.
ITextRange2::GetCch Gets the count of characters in a range.
ITextRange2::GetCells Gets a cells object with the parameters of cells in the currently selected table row or column.
ITextRange2::GetChar2 Gets the character at the specified offset from the end of this range.
ITextRange2::GetColumn Gets the column properties for the currently selected column.
ITextRange2::GetCount Gets the count of subranges, including the active subrange in the current range.
ITextRange2::GetDropCap Gets the drop-cap parameters of the paragraph that contains this range.
ITextRange2::GetDuplicate2 Gets a duplicate of a range object.
ITextRange2::GetFont2 Gets an ITextFont2 object with the character attributes of the current range.
ITextRange2::GetFormattedText2 Gets an ITextRange2 object with the current range's formatted text.
ITextRange2::GetGravity Gets the gravity of this range.
ITextRange2::GetInlineObject Gets the properties of the inline object at the range active end.
ITextRange2::GetMathFunctionType Retrieves the math function type associated with the specified math function name.
ITextRange2::GetPara2 Gets an ITextPara2 object with the paragraph attributes of a range.
ITextRange2::GetProperty Gets the value of a property.
ITextRange2::GetRect Retrieves a rectangle of the specified type for the current range.
ITextRange2::GetRow Gets the row properties in the currently selected row.
ITextRange2::GetStartPara Gets the character position of the start of the paragraph that contains the range's start character position.
ITextRange2::GetSubrange Retrieves a subrange in a range.
ITextRange2::GetTable Gets the table properties in the currently selected table.
ITextRange2::GetText2 Gets the text in this range according to the specified conversion flags.
ITextRange2::GetURL Returns the URL text associated with a range.
ITextRange2::HexToUnicode Converts and replaces the hexadecimal number at the end of this range to a Unicode character.
ITextRange2::InsertImage Inserts an image into this range.
ITextRange2::InsertTable Inserts a table in a range.
ITextRange2::Linearize Translates the built-up math, ruby, and other inline objects in this range to linearized form.
ITextRange2::SetActiveSubrange Makes the specified subrange the active subrange of this range.
ITextRange2::SetDropCap Sets the drop-cap parameters for the paragraph that contains the current range.
ITextRange2::SetFont2 Sets the character formatting attributes of the range.
ITextRange2::SetFormattedText2 Sets the text of this range to the formatted text of the specified range.
ITextRange2::SetGravity Sets the gravity of this range.
ITextRange2::SetInlineObject Sets or inserts the properties of an inline object for a degenerate range.
ITextRange2::SetPara2 Sets the paragraph format attributes of a range.
ITextRange2::SetProperty Sets the value of the specified property.
ITextRange2::SetText2 Sets the text of this range.
ITextRange2::SetURL Sets the text in this range to that of the specified URL.
ITextRange2::UnicodeToHex Converts the Unicode character(s) preceding the start position of this text range to a hexadecimal number, and selects it.


Minimum supported client Windows 8 [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2012 [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header tom.h