TraceLoggingValue macro (traceloggingprovider.h)

TraceLogging wrapper macro for C++ that adds a field with an automatically-deduced type to the event.


void TraceLoggingValue(
  [in]            value,
  [in, optional]  __VA_ARGS__


[in] value

The event field value.

[in, optional] __VA_ARGS__

Optional name, description, and tags parameters for the field definition.

TraceLoggingValue can be specified with 1, 2, 3, or 4 parameters. If a parameter is not specified, a default will be used. For example, TraceLoggingValue(a+b) is equivalent to TraceLoggingValue(a+b, "a+b", "", 0).

  • [in, optional] name

    The name to use for the event field. If provided, the name parameter must be a string literal (not a variable) and must not contain any '\0' characters. If not provided, the event field name will be based on value.

  • [in, optional] description

    The description of the event field's value. If provided, the description parameter must be a string literal and will be included in the PDB.

  • [in, optional] tags

    A compile-time constant integer value. The low 28 bits of the value will be included in the field's metadata. The semantics of this value are defined by the event consumer. During event processing, this value can be retrieved from the EVENT_PROPERTY_INFO Tags field.

Return value



In C++ code, TraceLoggingValue(value, ...) can be used as a parameter to an invocation of a TraceLoggingWrite macro. Each TraceLoggingValue parameter adds one field to the event.

The type of the field in the ETW event is automatically deduced from the type of the value expression. Based on the type of value, TraceLoggingValue(value, ...) is equivalent to one of the standard TraceLogging wrapper macros as follows:

Type of value Equivalent to Notes
bool TraceLoggingBoolean
char TraceLoggingChar Only for char, not for signed char or unsigned char.
char16_t TraceLoggingChar16
wchar_t TraceLoggingWChar Only for native wchar_t, not for USHORT.
intNN_t TraceLoggingIntNN For signed char, short, int, long, and long long.
uintNN_t TraceLoggingUIntNN For unsigned char, short, int, long, and long long.
float TraceLoggingFloat32
double TraceLoggingFloat64
GUID TraceLoggingGuid
FILETIME TraceLoggingFileTime
SYSTEMTIME TraceLoggingSystemTime
SID* TraceLoggingSid Must be non-NULL and must point to a valid SID.
void* TraceLoggingPointer Logs the pointer value, not the referenced data.
char* TraceLoggingString Zero-terminated CP_ACP string. NULL is treated as "".
char16_t* TraceLoggingString16 Zero-terminated UTF-16 string. NULL is treated as u"".
wchar_t* TraceLoggingWideString Zero-terminated UTF-16 string. NULL is treated as L"".


Minimum supported client Windows Vista [desktop apps | UWP apps]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008 [desktop apps | UWP apps]
Target Platform Windows
Header traceloggingprovider.h

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