SCRIPT_TABDEF structure (usp10.h)

Contains definitions of the tab positions for ScriptStringAnalyse.


typedef struct tag_SCRIPT_TABDEF {
  int cTabStops;
  int iScale;
  int *pTabStops;
  int iTabOrigin;



Number of entries in the array indicated by pTabStops.

Value Meaning
0 Tab stops occur every eight average character widths.
1 All tab stops are the length of the first entry in the array indicated by pTabStops.
greater than 1 The first cTabStops tab stops are as specified in the array indicated by pTabStops, and subsequent tab stops are every eight average characters.


Scale factor for iTabOrigin and pTabStops values. Values are converted to device coordinates by multiplying by the value indicated by iScale, then dividing by 4. If values are already in device units, set iScale to 4. If values are in dialog units, set iScale to the average character width of the dialog font. If values are multiples of the average character width for the selected font, set iScale to 0.


Pointer to an array having the number of entries indicated by cTabStops. Each entry specifies a tab stop position. Positive values represent near-edge alignment, while negative values represent far-edge alignment. The units for the array elements are as indicated by the value of iScale.


Initial offset, in logical units, for tab stops. Tabs start iTabOrigin logical units before the beginning of the string. This rule helps with situations in which multiple tabbed outputs occur on the same line.


This structure is ignored unless the dwFlags parameter is set to SSA_TAB in the ScriptStringAnalyse function.


Minimum supported client Windows 2000 Professional [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps only]
Header usp10.h
Redistributable Internet Explorer 5 or later onWindows Me/98/95

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