AVISaveW function

The AVISave function builds a file by combining data streams from other files or from memory.


  LPCWSTR              szFile,
  CLSID                *pclsidHandler,
  AVISAVECALLBACK      lpfnCallback,
  int                  nStreams,
  PAVISTREAM           pfile,



Null-terminated string containing the name of the file to save.


Pointer to the file handler used to write the file. The file is created by calling the AVIFileOpen function using this handler. If a handler is not specified, a default is selected from the registry based on the file extension.


Pointer to a callback function for the save operation.


Number of streams saved in the file.


Pointer to an AVI stream. This parameter is paired with lpOptions. The parameter pair can be repeated as a variable number of arguments.


Pointer to an application-defined AVICOMPRESSOPTIONS structure containing the compression options for the stream referenced by pavi. This parameter is paired with pavi. The parameter pair can be repeated as a variable number of arguments.


Return Value

Returns AVIERR_OK if successful or an error otherwise.


This function creates a file, copies stream data into the file, closes the file, and releases the resources used by the new file. The last two parameters of this function identify a stream to save in the file and define the compression options of that stream. When saving more than one stream in an AVI file, repeat these two stream-specific parameters for each stream in the file.

A callback function (referenced by using lpfnCallback) can display status information and let the user cancel the save operation. The callback function uses the following format:

LONG PASCAL SaveCallback(int nPercent)  

The nPercent parameter specifies the percentage of the file saved.

The callback function should return AVIERR_OK if the operation should continue and AVIERR_USERABORT if the user wishes to abort the save operation.

The argument pavi is a pointer to an IAVIStream interface.


Minimum supported client Windows 2000 Professional [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header vfw.h
Library Vfw32.lib
DLL Avifil32.dll

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