IVssBackupComponents Class

The IVssBackupComponents interface is used by a requester to poll writers about file status and to run backup/restore operations.

Applications obtain an instance of the IVssBackupComponents interface by calling CreateVssBackupComponents.

An IVssBackupComponents object can be used for only a single backup, restore, or Query operation.

After the backup, restore, or Query operation has either successfully finished or been explicitly terminated, a requester must release the IVssBackupComponents object by calling IVssBackupComponents::Release. An IVssBackupComponents object must not be reused. For example, you cannot perform a backup or restore operation with the same IVssBackupComponents object that you have already used for a Query operation.


The IVssBackupComponents class has these methods.

Method Description
IVssBackupComponents::AbortBackup The AbortBackup method notifies VSS that a backup operation was terminated.
IVssBackupComponents::AddAlternativeLocationMapping The AddAlternativeLocationMapping method is used by a requester to indicate that an alternate location mapping was used to restore all the members of a file set in a given component.
IVssBackupComponents::AddComponent Used to explicitly add to the backup set.
IVssBackupComponents::AddNewTarget The AddNewTarget method is used by a requester during a restore operation to indicate that the backup application plans to restore files to a new location.
IVssBackupComponents::AddRestoreSubcomponent Indicates that a subcomponent member of a component set, which had been marked as nonselectable for backup but is marked selectable for restore, is to be restored.
IVssBackupComponents::AddToSnapshotSet The AddToSnapshotSet method adds an original volume or original remote file share to the shadow copy set.
IVssBackupComponents::BackupComplete The BackupComplete method causes VSS to generate a BackupComplete event, which signals writers that the backup process has completed.
IVssBackupComponents::BreakSnapshotSet The BreakSnapshotSet method causes the existence of a shadow copy set to be "forgotten" by VSS.
IVssBackupComponents::DeleteSnapshots The DeleteSnapshots method deletes one or more shadow copies or a shadow copy set.
IVssBackupComponents::DisableWriterClasses The DisableWriterClasses method prevents a specific class of writers from receiving any events.
IVssBackupComponents::DisableWriterInstances The DisableWriterInstances method disables a specified writer instance or instances.
IVssBackupComponents::DoSnapshotSet Commits all shadow copies in this set simultaneously.
IVssBackupComponents::EnableWriterClasses The EnableWriterClasses method enables the specified writers to receive all events.
IVssBackupComponents::ExposeSnapshot The ExposeSnapshot method exposes a shadow copy as a drive letter, mounted folder, or file share.
IVssBackupComponents::FreeWriterMetadata The FreeWriterMetadata method frees system resources allocated when IVssBackupComponents::GatherWriterMetadata was called.
IVssBackupComponents::FreeWriterStatus The FreeWriterStatus method frees system resources allocated during the call to IVssBackupComponents::GatherWriterStatus.
IVssBackupComponents::GatherWriterMetadata The GatherWriterMetadata method prompts each writer to send the metadata they have collected. The method will generate an Identify event to communicate with writers.
IVssBackupComponents::GatherWriterStatus The GatherWriterStatus method prompts each writer to send a status message.
IVssBackupComponents::GetSnapshotProperties The GetSnapshotProperties method gets the properties of the specified shadow copy.
IVssBackupComponents::GetWriterComponents The GetWriterComponents method is used to return information about those components of a given writer that have been stored in a requester's Backup Components Document.
IVssBackupComponents::GetWriterComponentsCount The GetWriterComponentsCount method returns the number of writers whose components have been added to a requester's Backup Components Document.
IVssBackupComponents::GetWriterMetadata The GetWriterMetadata method returns the metadata for a specific writer running on the system.
IVssBackupComponents::GetWriterMetadataCount The GetWriterMetadataCount method returns the number of writers with metadata.
IVssBackupComponents::GetWriterStatus The GetWriterStatus method returns the status of the specified writer.
IVssBackupComponents::GetWriterStatusCount The GetWriterStatusCount method returns the number of writers with status.
IVssBackupComponents::ImportSnapshots Imports shadow copies transported from a different machine.
IVssBackupComponents::InitializeForBackup The InitializeForBackup method initializes the backup components metadata in preparation for backup.
IVssBackupComponents::InitializeForRestore The InitializeForRestore method initializes the IVssBackupComponents interface in preparation for a restore operation.
IVssBackupComponents::IsVolumeSupported The IsVolumeSupported method determines whether the specified provider supports shadow copies on the specified volume or remote file share.
IVssBackupComponents::PostRestore The PostRestore method will cause VSS to generate a PostRestore event, signaling writers that the current restore operation has finished.
IVssBackupComponents::PrepareForBackup The PrepareForBackup method will cause VSS to generate a PrepareForBackup event, signaling writers to prepare for an upcoming backup operation. This makes a requester's Backup Components Document available to writers.
IVssBackupComponents::PreRestore The PreRestore method will cause VSS to generate a PreRestore event, signaling writers to prepare for an upcoming restore operation.
IVssBackupComponents::Query The Query method queries providers on the system and/or the completed shadow copies in the system that reside in the current context. The method can be called only during backup operations.
IVssBackupComponents::QueryRevertStatus Returns an IVssAsync interface pointer that can be used to determine the status of the revert operation.
IVssBackupComponents::RevertToSnapshot Reverts a volume to a previous shadow copy.
IVssBackupComponents::SaveAsXML The SaveAsXML method saves the Backup Components Document containing a requester's state information to a specified string. This XML document, which contains the Backup Components Document, should always be securely saved as part of a backup operation.
IVssBackupComponents::SetAdditionalRestores The SetAdditionalRestores method is used by a requester during incremental or differential restore operations to indicate to writers that a given component will require additional restore operations to completely retrieve it.
IVssBackupComponents::SetBackupOptions The SetBackupOptions method sets a string of private, or writer-dependent, backup parameters for a component.
IVssBackupComponents::SetBackupState The SetBackupState method defines an overall configuration for a backup operation.
IVssBackupComponents::SetBackupSucceeded The SetBackupSucceeded method indicates whether the backup of the specified component of a specific writer was successful.
IVssBackupComponents::SetContext The SetContext method sets the context for subsequent shadow copy-related operations.
IVssBackupComponents::SetFileRestoreStatus The SetFileRestoreStatus method indicates whether some, all, or no files were successfully restored.
IVssBackupComponents::SetPreviousBackupStamp The SetPreviousBackupStamp method sets the backup stamp of an earlier backup operation, upon which a differential or incremental backup operation will be based.
IVssBackupComponents::SetRangesFilePath The SetRangesFilePath method is used when a partial file operation requires a ranges file, and that file has been restored to a location other than its original one.
IVssBackupComponents::SetRestoreOptions The SetRestoreOptions method sets a string of private, or writer-dependent, restore parameters for a writer component.
IVssBackupComponents::SetRestoreState The SetRestoreState method defines an overall configuration for a restore operation.
IVssBackupComponents::SetSelectedForRestore The SetSelectedForRestore method indicates whether the specified selectable component is selected for restoration.
IVssBackupComponents::StartSnapshotSet The StartSnapshotSet method creates a new, empty shadow copy set.


Minimum supported client Windows XP [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2003 [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header vsbackup.h (include VsBackup.h, Vss.h, VsWriter.h)