IWbemQualifierSet interface (wbemcli.h)

The IWbemQualifierSet interface acts as a container for the entire set of named qualifiers for a single property or entire object (a class or instance). The contents of the container depend on how the pointer was obtained. If the pointer was obtained from IWbemClassObject::GetQualifierSet, the object consists of the set of qualifiers for an entire object. If the pointer was obtained from IWbemClassObject::GetPropertyQualifierSet, then the object represents the qualifiers for a particular property.


The IWbemQualifierSet interface inherits from the IUnknown interface. IWbemQualifierSet also has these types of members:


The IWbemQualifierSet interface has these methods.

Method Description
IWbemQualifierSet::BeginEnumeration The IWbemQualifierSet::BeginEnumeration method resets before there is an enumeration of all the qualifiers in the object.
IWbemQualifierSet::Delete The IWbemQualifierSet::Delete method deletes the specified qualifier by name.
IWbemQualifierSet::EndEnumeration Call the IWbemQualifierSet::EndEnumeration method when you plan to terminate enumerations initiated with IWbemQualifierSet::BeginEnumeration and IWbemQualifierSet::Next.
IWbemQualifierSet::Get The IWbemQualifierSet::Get method gets the specified named qualifier, if found.
IWbemQualifierSet::GetNames The IWbemQualifierSet::GetNames method retrieves the names of all of the qualifiers available from the current object or property. Alternately, depending on the filter value of IFlags, this method retrieves the names of certain qualifiers.
IWbemQualifierSet::Next The IWbemQualifierSet::Next method retrieves the next qualifier in an enumeration that started with IWbemQualifierSet::BeginEnumeration.
IWbemQualifierSet::Put The IWbemQualifierSet::Put method writes the named qualifier and value. The new qualifier overwrites the previous value of the same name. If the qualifier does not exist, it is created.


It is strongly recommended that Windows Management dynamic providers never implement this interface because WMI provides the implementation. For more information, see IWbemClassObject.

Within WMI, this interface is always in-process. Put operations only affect the local copy of the object. Get operations retrieve values from the local copy. Updates are performed only when entire objects are read or written using methods on the IWbemServices interface.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Target Platform Windows
Header wbemcli.h (include Wbemidl.h)

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