wdstptmgmt.h header

This header is used by Windows Deployment Services. For more information, see:

wdstptmgmt.h contains the following programming interfaces:


Title Description
IWdsTransportCacheable Provides caching for objects that handle persistent data. This interface can be inherited by other interfaces that represent persisted objects.
IWdsTransportClient Represents a WDS client that is joined to a transport session on a WDS transport server.
IWdsTransportCollection Represents a collection of Windows Deployment Services (WDS) transport management objects.
IWdsTransportConfigurationManager Manages the configuration of a WDS transport server.
IWdsTransportConfigurationManager2 This interface inherits from the IWdsTransportConfigurationManager interface and extends it with configuration settings, such as multicast session policy, that are available beginning with Windows Server 2008 R2.
IWdsTransportContent Represents content being transmitted under a namespace over one or more sessions.
IWdsTransportContentProvider Used to describe a content provider.
IWdsTransportDiagnosticsPolicy Represents the diagnostics policy part of the WDS transport server's configuration.
IWdsTransportManager Manages a WDS transport server. This is the top-level interface into the Windows Deployment Services (WDS) Transport Management API and the only interface that can be created using the CoCreateInstance function.
IWdsTransportMulticastSessionPolicy This interface represents the multicast session policy portion of a WDS Transport server’s configuration.
IWdsTransportNamespace Represents a namespace on a WDS transport server.
IWdsTransportNamespaceAutoCast The WDS transport server can create, start, and end multicast sessions that are hosted by a namespace object of this interface.
IWdsTransportNamespaceManager Manages namespaces on a WDS transport server.
IWdsTransportNamespaceScheduledCast Represents a base interface to the derived interfaces:_IWdsTransportNamespaceScheduledCastManualStart and IWdsTransportNamespaceScheduledCastAutoStart.
IWdsTransportNamespaceScheduledCastAutoStart An administrator can specify criteria that starts transmission on an object of an IWdsTransportNamespaceScheduledCastAutoStart interface automatically. Applications can continue to join sessions of the namespace object until these criteria are reached.
IWdsTransportNamespaceScheduledCastManualStart An administrator must start transmission on an object of an IWdsTransportNamespaceScheduledCastManualStart interface. Applications can continue to join sessions of the namespace until the administrator starts transmission.
IWdsTransportServer Represents a WDS transport server. A WDS client can use an object of this interface to manage setup, configuration, and namespace tasks on the server.
IWdsTransportServer2 This interface inherits from the IWdsTransportServer interface and extends it. It is available beginning with Windows Server 2012.
IWdsTransportServicePolicy Represents the service policy part of the WDS transport server's configuration.
IWdsTransportServicePolicy2 This interface inherits from the IWdsTransportServicePolicy interface and extends it beginning with Windows Server 2012.
IWdsTransportSession Represents an active transport session on the WDS transport server.
IWdsTransportSetupManager Manages setup tasks on a WDS transport server.
IWdsTransportSetupManager2 This interface inherits from the IWdsTransportSetupManager interface and extends it. It is available beginning with Windows Server 2012.
IWdsTransportTftpClient This interface is used to specify information of a TFTP client session currently active in the server.
IWdsTransportTftpManager This interface provides a method to retrieve all the clients currently connected to the TFTP server.


Title Description
WDSTRANSPORT_DIAGNOSTICS_COMPONENT_FLAGS Configures which WDS components have diagnostics enabled. WDS diagnostics log events to the system event log.
WDSTRANSPORT_DISCONNECT_TYPE Indicates what action a WDS client should take when it is disconnected from the session.
WDSTRANSPORT_FEATURE_FLAGS Indicates which WDS features are installed on the WDS server.
WDSTRANSPORT_IP_ADDRESS_SOURCE_TYPE Indicates the source from which the WDS multicast provider obtains a multicast address for a new session.
WDSTRANSPORT_IP_ADDRESS_TYPE Indicates the type of IP address.
WDSTRANSPORT_NAMESPACE_TYPE Determines the type of multicast sessions used for transmitting objects covered by this namespace.
WDSTRANSPORT_NETWORK_PROFILE_TYPE Defines settings that are used by WDS transport protocols to optimize data transfer on the network.
WDSTRANSPORT_PROTOCOL_FLAGS Specifies which protocols the WDS transport server supports.
WDSTRANSPORT_SERVICE_NOTIFICATION Specifies what action needs to be taken when notifying WDS transport services, such as rereading their settings following a configuration change.
WDSTRANSPORT_SLOW_CLIENT_HANDLING_TYPE Specifies the type of automatic actions a WDS transport server, running on Windows Server 2008 R2, should use to handle a client computer that is slowing the multicast transmission.
WDSTRANSPORT_TFTP_CAPABILITY Indicates which features are supported by the WDS TFTP server.
WDSTRANSPORT_UDP_PORT_POLICY Specifies which policy WDS transport services should use when allocating UDP ports.