WS_ENDPOINT_ADDRESS structure (webservices.h)

Represents the network address of an endpoint.


typedef struct _WS_ENDPOINT_ADDRESS {
  WS_STRING            url;
  WS_XML_BUFFER        *headers;
  WS_XML_BUFFER        *extensions;



The URL portion of the address.

The URL is always in escaped form.

If this string is zero-length, then the URL is assumed to be the anonymous address. The anonymous address string is automatically mapped to/from the zero-length string when the endpoint address is serialized or deserialized using WS_ENDPOINT_ADDRESS_TYPE.

The value of this field corresponds to the Address element of the WS-Addressing specifications.


A WS_XML_BUFFER handle to a set of header elements that represent the reference parameters for the endpoint address.

The headers are required to properly interact with the endpoint. They are used to further qualify the address (URL).

The headers should be treated as opaque values to the user of the endpoint address.

See WsAddressMessage for information on how to add the headers to a message being sent.

This field may be NULL if there are no headers.

This value of this field corresponds to the content of the ReferenceParameters element of the WS-Addressing specifications.


A WS_XML_BUFFER handle to a set of extension elements. Extension elements are used to include additional information within an endpoint address. This field may be NULL if there are no extension elements.

This value of this field corresponds to the other elements defined by WS-Addressing and any extension elements. The elements must appear in the correct order according to the specification, followed by extension elements. This field should not contain elements for Address or ReferenceParameters, or Identity, since these values are represented directly by other fields of this structure.

If the ReferenceProperties element is present (as defined by WS_ADDRESSING_VERSION_0_9), it must be the first element within the WS_XML_BUFFER.


The security identity of the endpoint represented by this endpoint address.

This field corresponds to the Identity element, which is an extension of the base WS-Addressing specifications.


Only the URL field is required (other fields may be NULL).


Minimum supported client Windows 7 [desktop apps | UWP apps]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008 R2 [desktop apps | UWP apps]
Header webservices.h