ICompositorInterop interface

Native interoperation interface that allows creating swapchain surfaces and graphics devices. This is interface is available in C++ only.


The ICompositorInterop interface has these methods.

Method Description
ICompositorInterop::CreateCompositionSurfaceForHandle Creates an instance of CompositionSurface for use with the handle of a swapchain. In order to host media swapchain on a CompositionSurface, use the IMFMediaEngineEx::GetVideoSwapchainHandle method.
ICompositorInterop::CreateCompositionSurfaceForSwapChain Creates an instance of CompositionSurface for use with a swap chain.
ICompositorInterop::CreateGraphicsDevice Creates a CompositionGraphicsDevice backed by the specified rendering device.


See ICompositionDrawingSurfaceInterop for usage examples.


Target Platform Windows
Header windows.ui.composition.interop.h

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