xamlom.h header

This header is used by XAML Diagnostics. For more information, see:


Title Description
IBitmapData Represents an image associated with a node in the visual tree.
IVisualTreeService Provides methods to manage a XAML visual tree.
IVisualTreeService2 Represents additional capabilities of an IVisualTreeService object.
IVisualTreeService3 Represents additional capabilities of an IVisualTreeService2 object.
IVisualTreeServiceCallback Communicates the state of the visual tree.
IVisualTreeServiceCallback2 Represents additional capabilities of an IVisualTreeServiceCallback object.
IXamlDiagnostics Represents a XAML Diagnostics session.


Title Description
InitializeXamlDiagnosticsEx Initializes a Xaml Diagnostics session. This is the entry point for any debugging tool using the XAML Diagnostic APIs.


Title Description
BitmapDescription Represents information about the bitmap stored in IBitmapData.
CollectionElementValue Represents an element in a collection.
EnumType Represents a XAML Runtime enumeration.
ParentChildRelation Associates a parent object with a child object.
PropertyChainSource Represents the source object (a Style) of a target type.
PropertyChainValue Represents a property defined on an element.
SourceInfo Represents information about an object’s XAML source document.
VisualElement Represents a XAML element in the Live Visual Tree in Microsoft Visual Studio.


Title Description
BaseValueSource Defines constants that specify where the effective value of a property was set.
MetadataBit Defines constants that are used to define the PropertyChainValue returned from XAML Diagnostics.
RenderTargetBitmapOptions Defines constants that specify what parts of the visual tree should be rendered.
ResourceType Defines constants that specify the type of a resource in a resource dictionary.
VisualElementState Defines constants that specify the state of an element in the visual tree.
VisualMutationType Defines constants that specify whether the element was added to or removed from the live visual tree.