SisRestoredCommonStoreFile function

The SisRestoredCommonStoreFile function reports to the SIS architecture that a common-store file has been written.


BOOL SisRestoredCommonStoreFile(
  _In_ PVOID  sisRestoreStructure,
  _In_ PWCHAR commonStoreFileName


sisRestoreStructure [in]

Pointer to a SIS restore structure returned from SisCreateRestoreStructure.

commonStoreFileName [in]

Name of the restored common-store file.

Return value

This function returns TRUE if it completes successfully and FALSE otherwise. Call GetLastError to get more information about the reason the call failed.


This function should be called after you have restored a common-store file. It notifies the SIS architecture that a new common-store file has been written, so that the SIS architecture can perform internal maintenance tasks such as initializing its internal data structures or fixing the links to the common-store file.

Your restore operation should restore only common-store files reported by SisRestoredLink, even if there are additional common-store files on the backup media. Your restore operation can restore the SIS links and common-store files in any order it chooses; however, it must call SisRestoredLink after it restores any link, and it must call this function after it restores any common-store file. Because your restore operation cannot identify which common-store files will be restored until the file names are reported to it as a result of restoring a link, your restore operation will always restore a common-store file after at least one link referring to it is restored. However, you can then restore additional SIS links that point to that common-store file.


Minimum supported client
Windows XP [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2003 [desktop apps only]

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