SetIPXVirtualNetworkNumber method of the Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration class

Sets the Internetworking Packet Exchange (IPX) virtual network number on the target computer system. Windows 2000 and Windows NT 3.51 or greater uses an internal network number for internal routing. The internal network number is also known as a virtual network number. It uniquely identifies the computer system on the network. The method returns an integer value that can be interpretted as follows:


uint32 SetIPXVirtualNetworkNumber(
  [in] string IPXVirtualNetNumber


IPXVirtualNetNumber [in]

The virtual network number for this system.

Return value

Successful completion, no reboot required (0)

Successful completion, reboot required (1)

Method not supported on this platform (64)

Unknown failure (65)

Invalid subnet mask (66)

An error occurred while processing an Instance that was returned (67)

Invalid input parameter (68)

More than 5 gateways specified (69)

Invalid IP address (70)

Invalid gateway IP address (71)

An error occurred while accessing the Registry for the requested information (72)

Invalid domain name (73)

Invalid host name (74)

No primary/secondary WINS server defined (75)

Invalid file (76)

Invalid system path (77)

File copy failed (78)

Invalid security parameter (79)

Unable to configure TCP/IP service (80)

Unable to configure DHCP service (81)

Unable to renew DHCP lease (82)

Unable to release DHCP lease (83)

IP not enabled on adapter (84)

IPX not enabled on adapter (85)

Frame/network number bounds error (86)

Invalid frame type (87)

Invalid network number (88)

Duplicate network number (89)

Parameter out of bounds (90)

Access denied (91)

Out of memory (92)

Already exists (93)

Path, file or object not found (94)

Unable to notify service (95)

Unable to notify DNS service (96)

Interface not configurable (97)

Not all DHCP leases could be released/renewed (98)

DHCP not enabled on adapter (100)

Other (101–4294967295)


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client
Windows Vista
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2008

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